SDH159: How to Disrupt a Market with a Clear Purpose with Katerina Schneider, Founder of Ritual

How do you spice up a monotonous market with your product? How do you gain the resources for these innovations?

Today's guest, Katerina Schneider, wanted to bring a new spin to the vitamin industry by providing transparency about ingredients in her women's vitamin line, Ritual. When she was pregnant with her daughter, Katerina's  conscious about what she put in and on her body was even more heightened. Already health-conscious, she began to take a deeper look into the ingredients in her family's foods , body products, and cleaning supplies. She found  they were filled with poor quality ingredients, and  a lot of those ingredients were in her prenatal vitamins, such as: blue coloring, titanium dioxide, carrageenan and other questionable products tested on rodents and humans.

She started to ask her friends and peers about the vitamins they took and if they knew better quality brands. She discovered most people did not pay attention to the ingredients and never really saw a difference in brands. She even noticed how hard it was to find all the ingredients in vitamins and where they came from.
She decided should start her own vitamin line. And she wanted her product to be based an evidence based company that was rooted in science. She hired Dr. Luke Bucci, head of research for the Airborne vitamin, to be a part of her team.

They spent a year looking at studies on vitamins on the market and narrowed their nutrients to nine ingredients.

 Some of those ingredients include: a fourth generation folate from Italy that women can process and utilize, vitamin D3 from lichen instead of sheep's wool or Omega 3 from algae instead of fish oil. Ritual's vitamins also have a vegan capsule that is made of non-GMO corn protein instead of TALE shellac protein and PDP!

All of Ritual's ingredients and nutrients are listed on their website and informs consumer's of their origins and features interviews with the company's suppliers. What sets Ritual apart even more is their in-house team of scientists that are available to answer questions from consumers about their vitamins, and nutrition in general through their social media platforms.

Join us with a healthy boost of entrepreneurship  and learn more about Ritual!

In this episode you will...

  • Know how to set your product or business apart from others in your market
  • Figure out how to find quality ingredients for your product
  • Learn how to set a price point and a selling strategy
  • Discover how to create a customer service and marketing strategy that appeals to your target audience
  • Understand how to develop a strong pitch for investors
  • Learn to create innovation from the "noes"


"Going through childbirth makes you a stronger founder [and] leader; you feel like you can take on anything and there's more purpose behind what you do." -Katerina Schneider

"As a founder you have to be a really good storyteller. It's what inspires investors..hiring a team, and gets you through the hard times. Having a story that tells your vision really well is really important." - Katerina Schneider

"We're not just a vitamin company. We're really going to transform women's lives and make them feel their best every single day." -Katerina Schneider

"All the 'noes' that we got forced us to create something radically different. One of our values at the company is  'we like noes.' It means it's never been done before." -Katerina Schneider

"You have to start a company when you think you'll be excited about your idea 10-20 years from now. You start a company for the long haul.There's a lot of highs [and] lows, but unless you're so passionate about what you're constructing, it's not worth it. It's that passion that drives you every single day.If you don't have that long term conviction and interest, I don't think it's worth starting a company." -Katerina Schneider


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SDH158: Risking It All & Going For It with Co-founders Claudia Wagner & Diana Gaertner of UBooker

What's stopping you from going after your business idea? Is it the people around you? Maybe it's an internal fear of failing? The security of a stable paycheck? Are these fears holding you back from pursuing your business idea?

Today's guests, co-founders of UBOOKER, Claudia Wagner and Diana Gaertner wanted the power to choose. They mulled over the idea of streamlining the model booking process for 7-8 years. Being models themselves, they had been conducting unofficial market research over the span of their 20 year careers.They discovered  many models were frustrated with the tedious process of booking jobs, and clients had the same frustrations when finding models for their projects.

After seeing how the modeling industry process wasn't going to adapt to the fast-paced, technological times, Diana and Claudia decided to create a process to adhere to the changing environment. With the help of their two other co-founders, Andrea Losso and Nicola Scagnolari, they translated their idea to a well-thought out business plan, and created a website.

When UBOOKER launched in Februrary 2017 Claudia and Diana were able to take a process that typically lasted a couple days and shorten it to around 10 minutes!

Check out how UBOOKER achieved this great task, and how they maneuver the hectic, but exciting life as lady bosses!

In this episode you will...

  • Know how to streamline a tedious process with your business
  • Learn to create a well-balanced leadership team with contrasting personalities
  • Understand how to work with a global team 
  • Gain the courage to go after your business idea
  • Figure out how to attract audiences across different demographics
  • Begin to encourage others who want to start their own business 



"To think about all the possibilities that could come up for the booking process...'what could the client want, what could the model want, and how can we make things even better and more comfortable...more efficient...'It was very complex, but also very exciting. It's a great thing for me to learn; it's wonderful." -Diana Gaertner

"The first hurdle a lot of people have when start[ing] a business is to gather the courage to do it.  We had this idea to do something for seven [to] eight years [and] we started to say there's something to be done here." -Claudia Wagner

"There is a fear there. There is a fear of change...I believed so strongly that this [could] be done successfully.Every time I hear 'this can't be done' it [gives] me the motivation to work even harder." -Claudia Wagner

"I still can't always see the dimension of our project, it's growing literally every day. It's getting more and more complex...but deep inside I knew this was going to be a project that was going to work and I believed in it 100%. And it is working.No one needs to tell us anymore that it's not going to work because it actually is." -Diana Gaertner


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You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche



SDH157: Learn How to Be Comfortable with the Discomfort of Being an Entrepreneur with Erin Bagwell, Founder of Dream Girl


What has brought you courage and strength? Have you ever thought of blending it with your personal brand? What would that manifest into? A product, a business, a space?

After dealing with sexual harassment in her workplace, feminism erased Erin Bagwell’s insecurities and feelings of invisibility. She started reading feminist journals and blogs and decided to create her own, Feminist Wednesday, that provides women like her a forum to share their stories; as well as a platform for women who have overcome those situations and regained their confidence and found success. She became so obsessed and empowered by these women, that she quit her job, and started a kick starter to produce the documentary, Dream, Girl, that tackled gender issues in the corporate world and acted as a visual medium for some of the women of Feminist Wednesday.

It took her 6 months to get her kick starter off the ground, but within 30 days of starting it she had reached her goal of $100,000.

Originally, she thought that it would resonate with strong females in Fortune 500 companies, but found that her documentary scared them. She said they weren’t ready to discuss gender issues in the workplace and thought it would turn off incoming and existing Millennial employees. However, she took pride in the fact that her film was so powerful, that it created discomfort in that ecosystem.

Her documentary was embraced by Influencers, people who were active in their community, such as mentors, and women in charge of uplifting women organizations.

Dream, Girl premiered at the White House in May of 2016, and since its release to the public that following June, it has been seen in 81 different countries.

Stick around and hear more about how Erin turned a soul-sucking situation into motivation to challenge societal norms with art!

In this episode you will…

  • Know what avenues of fundraising and investing to take when building a business, product, or kick starter
  • Understand how to stretch and work within your budget
  • Figure out how to disassociate yourself with your product enough so you can monetize it
  • Learn to be comfortable with the discomfort of being an entrepreneur
  • Find the best way of distributing your product
  • Know how to shift your product and business model in accordance to a target audience change


“Sometimes the cards are stacked against you, when you have all old white male, suit wearing superiors. Feminism kind of gave me the tools to dissect that and understand that just because I’m a young woman, doesn’t mean I’m not of value or worth to a company.” –Erin Bagwell

“I became so obsessed with the women I was meeting on Feminist Wednesday. The entrepreneur’s journeys about quitting their jobs and running a company and being successful seemed so romantic to me…I was at such a cross road in my life where I was really open and ready to receive a big idea...I had been so creatively stifled at work, so I was ready to dive all in, and do a kick starter.” –Erin Bagwell

“As artists, we feel this shame and this guilt around selling something we’ve poured our heart and souls into. And in the beginning I felt a lot of discomfort around money and charging for it, because it felt so close to me…it took a couple of months for me to get over and for me to view the film as a product, and as something we need to monetize.” –Erin Bagwell.

“I have no idea what I’m walking into day-to-day, or what’s going to happen, who’s going to need me…actually letting go has been something I continue to work on and think about and try to get better at.” –Erin Bagwell



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Feminist Wednesday

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

A Gal’s Guide to Making a Movie by Erin Bagwell

The Brooklyn Mermaid by Amy Shearn