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SDH162: Finding What Lights You Up with Arabelle Yee


What ignites you? Is it helping others? Is it your kids? Career? Giving guidance? Wine?

Arabelle Yee, a Life Strategist and High Performance Coach, thought her passions lay in the corporate world. However, as she looked around at the excitement and joy of her coworkers at a celebration for their company's newest business venture, she found it hard to match their happiness. After spending 10 years with them, she knew nothing was wrong with the company. It was just the fact that her values were no longer in alignment with them, and she had to find something that "lit her up".

She knew that whatever she decided to do, she had to work with a lot of people and provide support for them. Two years later she opened her practice as a clinical psychotherapist, and helped people with anxiety, depression, and confidence. But she quickly realized that she was taking on their problems as she worked with them, and became drained.

After reevaluating her clientele she wished to have, and the type of life she wanted to live, she decided that she wanted to help people, but not at the expense of her own mental health. She also wanted freedom and flexibility in the work place.

She then moved her business entirely online and wanted to help people change their mindsets. She began coaching people on improving themselves, how to live their life to the fullest, and developing confidence, among other things. With the success of her business change, people also started coming to her for entrepreneurial advice as well.

Through her new clientele, she found that a lot of them shared common problems: they hadn't found their passion, didn't know their true values, and were being controlled by their fears.

First she helped them become aware of a disconnect between their values and their actions and habits by asking three questions: where do you spend your money most? Time? And energy?

Arabelle feels values consist of the things that are the most important in a person's life and change as they get older. She also feels that a lot of people carry "borrowed values" that they adopt from influential people in their lives and society. Her goal with her clients is to demolish the idea that values are stagnant, and find what values are true to them, and are reflected in their actions. Once she's gotten her clients to this space, she begins to help them find their purpose

Come and learn more about how Arabelle helps people be the best versions of themselves and reap the benefits of a positive mindset and life!

In this episode you will...

  • Find a career path that you truly love
  • Know how to find your own values and not adopt someone else's
  • Understand how to go about changing the course of your life once you find your values
  • Be aware of your thought process and how it is affecting your mood and mindset
  • Figure out what your mindset is in accordance to money and where it came from, and if they are aligned with your values
  • Learn how to speak and think things into existence


"Become aware of your money stories. What thoughts are you thinking about money and what energetic instructions are you giving out to the world. How are you blocking money? Just become aware of the things you are receiving already." - Arabelle Yee

"We can sit down and complain about our situation. Or we can look at our situation and really understand where we are, because that situation is really inviting us to shift our thoughts and change our behaviors if we want different results in our lives." -Arabelle Yee

"You have to meet life halfway...the other half where life comes in...we don't have control over it, but it will respond to where we are. We still need to set goals. If you don't set goals you're just going to go with the winds...so set budgets...it's about being smart...and knowing my numbers...knowing exactly what I'm doing with my money...but at the same time feel like a millionaire." -Arabelle Yee


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Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard

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SDH161: Is the Universe Testing You + Rewire Your Thoughts to Achieve What You Want with Host, Amanda Boleyn

Hey friends! It is me again, Amanda :) Happy Thursday and thank you so much for tuning in. I'm pretty excited about today's episode!

Today I'm talking about ways the universe may be testing you and how to rewire your thoughts to achieve what you want - including a set of questions to ask yourself  to achieve more of what you want and let go of what you don't want. 

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 The universe will test you anytime you're attempting to ascend to a high level of consciousness.  I'm sharing how the universe has tested me over the years:

 - May 2011 - tempting me with a $1,000 gift card if I would had stayed with Target for another month vs leaving when I did
- March 2012 - injured my knee in indoor soccer and need to replace a $1,000 shifter in my Jeep Liberty all within a week and 3 weeks before leaving for Europe for the first time ever
- April 2012 - Being offered a full-time position with Wells Fargo as a recruiter and passing on the opportunity without knowing what was going to pan out with my relationship with Chad Carden at the time
- May 2017 (heyyyy that's like now!) - Opting out of a consulting project that would have been a solid, steady gig for the next 6-8 months, lucrative income but would have pulled me away from She Did It Her Way and not aligned with what lights me up along with my true purpose.

Faith is believing in the unseen and willing to act upon the unseen.

The second part is talking about having the right attitude, understanding your thoughts and how to rewire them to serve you.

With the right attitude we can accomplish anything we want in life. ANYTHING.
Possessing the right attitude requires 4 phases:
#1 - We have to see the NEED for ourselves. After every need, ask yourself, "Why?" 
*Knowing our WHY behind what we do will drive us to succeed and give purpose to what we do.

For example:
"I need to sleep more." Why? Because it will lower my stress, make me more alert, give me energy.
#2 - We have to WANT to do something. 
"I WANT to sleep more." 
#3 - We CAN do something.
*We thoroughly believe we can accomplish whatever it is that we want.
"I CAN sleep more." 
#4 - I WILL do something.
*The will is our commitment to ourself. 
"I WILL sleep more."
If we can confidently say to ourselves, "I NEED to, I WANT to, I CAN and I WILL," we will have successfully created the right attitude to move forward and turn our goals into reality.
Think of 1 thing that you've been wanting to accomplish yet can't figure out why you haven't been able to do so. 

Walk yourself through the "4 Phases of Attitude"; identify where the breakdown is happening. 
Remember, "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude." - Zig Ziglar



SDH160: Building a Business That Fulfills You with Tonya Dalton, founder of inkWELL Press



What are the things in life that give you fulfillment? Passion? Could you meld this into a business or a product? Where and when do you begin to connect these dots?

Tonya Dalton,  found  her passions in life were teaching, organizing and empowering business owners and other women. This inspired her to create  inkWELL Press, a company centered around productivity, designed to help and educate women to prioritize; set up an organizational flow and system that works the best for their lives. InkWell Press uses its products such as weekly planners, meal planners, organizational notepads and other items to help with productivity, education and organization. They even have videos on how to streamline customer's organizational process on their website!

Tonya found, the majority of the time, the most organized people aren't actually productive and use organization as a procrastination technique. With inkWELL Press, she hoped women and female business owners could reach productivity first and have organization follow naturally.

However, finding her passions didn't come easily. It took hours of "Brain Dump"and "Mind Mapping" exercises to narrow down the things that fulfilled her. She discovered her greatest fulfillments came from her time as a former teacher and investment banker, and through her organizational exercises she figured out how to link them to create a business and product, as well as a mission statement for her brand.

Once she was able to develop an overall message and direction for her brand, she created an entire roadmap of how to get her business off the ground. She set up her business development plan in mini milestones, with each end goal representing hurdles that she would have to overcome,  and detailed how she would solve them, with a timeline for when they needed to be accomplished.

One of her biggest milestones was how to budget her family's finances, survive six months without an income as her and her husband shut down their jewelry business and developed inkWELL Press. But because they knew they were chasing her big dream and ultimate purpose, they found saying no to the little splurges in life was challenging, but easy when they looked toward the big picture.

They developed a marketing and advertising strategy on Facebook with lead magnets to find their target consumer and generate excitement around their brand. By giving out free downloads of the it productivity and organizational videos and programs in exchange for emails, as well as teasers on the product, they launched with 500 orders!

 Learn more about what made Tonya want to be an entrepreneur and her joint journey with her husband going into business for themselves!

In this episode you will...

  • Know how to gain control of your life and priorities by starting a business
  • Find out when and how to walk away from a business endeavor when passion is absent
  • Figure out your action plan in getting your business off the ground
  • Learn how to find your business's mission statement
  • Understand how to budget your income while starting your business
  • Begin to prioritize your hurdles and solve them one at a time


"When you're figuring out your end, that's where you start. Because when I decided what my personal mission statement was, I built on that to create the mission behind Inkwell Press...I already knew it needed to be tied to something that made me feel fulfilled and that I would be passionate about" -Tonya Dalton

"Every time you say 'yes' you're saying 'no' to something else. My 'yes' was starting this business, so my 'noes' were so much easier." -Tonya Dalton

"It's not about being organized, it's about having a productive life. Productivity, to me, is not about doing more things faster, it's about having a life that you love and really focusing in on your priorities and getting those things done." -Tonya Dalton

"Failing is the best way to learn. When everything is sunshine and lollipops you're not really growing. It's those things that were really kind of painful...but looking back at have made the biggest difference." -Tonya Dalton


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