SDH170: Escaping the Cubicle and Gaining Your Freedom with Molly Rose Daly

Would you refer to your current job as soul sucking? Are you plotting your escape everyday but have yet to take action?

After giving the corporate the shot after shot, and never finding fulfillment or excitement in her job, today's guest Molly Rose Daly had finally had enough. She had dreams of traveling and living life at her own pace, with work being able to follow her. She found this fit as a virtual assistant for clients ranging from high-end speakers, authors, course creators, and everything in between.

Being in the profession for the past few years now, she has mastered the various tasks, mind, and skillsets needed as a VA and has created the Academy for Virtual Assistants to teach others who are looking for an escape from the monontony of the corporate world, or just want a side job that makes decent pay, and is flexible with their schedule.

A tip she suggests when brainstorming your role as a VA is only providing services that you want to do. The beauty of being a VA is being able to tailor your work, and if you find yourself stuck doing a task or project you hate, you've lost an aspect that makes being your own boss great. She also recommends protecting yourself with contracts, and being transparent when communicating with clients to create a clear understanding of what you expect from the business relationship, and establishing honesty for a productive work environment.

Listen in for more tips on how to become a VA and more on how Molly stumbled into the profession and grew her business!

In this episode you will...

  • Learn what you want to bring to the table as a virtual assistant
  • Find ways to get paid by learning an online program and offering your knowledge and skills in that program to other budding entrepreneurs
  • Start to invest in yourself so you can be more knowledgeable and better your business
  • Figure out how to split your energy between clients so you don't become drained
  • Know how to be effective and productive in managing the day-to-day tasks
  • Begin to work in your business as opposed to on your business


"When you're working on the business, you're not necessarily bringing in income yet. So it's happeningbut the start up for launching a business is expensive, so you're not really reaping the financial benefits. But what is exciting there is the community you're building and the people and all the change and service that you're providing." -Molly Rose Daly

"Providing value away free tutorials...helping without the expectation of people buying. Just providing service and helping others...I want people to be able to escape the way I did..." -Molly Rose Daly

"Mentally I've grown the most because I've focused so much on making my shell and my mind as strong as it can be. At the end of life...You're the only asset that you have. So you should be enjoying what you want to do...learning as much as you can if...traveling as much as you want...[and] taking care of yourself. I got out of the hamster wheel of going to work everyday...and now I'm in this completely different mindset of just enjoying my days." -Molly Rose Daly


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Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
Infinite Self by Stuart Wilde



SDH 169: How to Stay Focused and Protect What Serves You with Host, Amanda Boleyn

Today I'm sharing the three things to help you stay focused and protect the things that serve you, or what I like to call, "Anchors."

What is an anchor? An anchor is something that when you do that ONE THING (or maybe 2 or 3 things) it will impact everything else in your day for good. That might be eating healthy, getting enough sleep, limiting your alcohol intake, hanging out with the RIGHT people. What are your anchors?

After you understand your anchors it is good to know how to keep them in place. Humans motivation in life is because we either want to gain pleasure or avoid pain. Everything we do, decisions we make it either because we want to gain pleasure or avoid pain. Think about procrastination. In the moment we get more pleasure by pushing off the things we need to do than the pain we get from not doing them. Until it gets closer to our deadline and the pain of not doing what we need to do is greater than the pleasure of pushing it off.

Figure out what is stuff + noise vs. energy in your life. What gives you energy and what is just STUFF? Stuff could be daily tasks, people, environment, thoughts. Audit your daily life. Toggl is a great tool to track time and everything you do to provide a snap shot to help you become aware of those activities. 

Also, for today's episode I partnered with Hello Fresh!  You guys have heard me talk about Hello Fresh before and how much I love them! Earlier this week I made one of the veggie options, so quick, easy and flavorful. 

They now offer family size boxes, lighter menu and breakfast options! They make cooking fun, easy and convenient. 

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SDH168: How to Gain Clarity & Take Action with Kerry Petsinger


Have you sat back and thought about what truly matters to you in life? How much time do you spend nurturing that? In what ways can you focus on it to reach fulfillment?

This was the predicament of Kerry Petsinger, a mindset and performance coach, a few years ago when she was a physical therapist. As she looked at the four walls of her office, she felt that she could be doing more with her life but she wasn't sure what it was. So she began a weekly newsletter, Your Streamlined Life, that chronicled her journey of finding what mattered most in her life, and how she could streamline those things so she could have more time for her priorities and passions.

To her surprise, her newsletter had picked up an audience from 167 countries! To develop her platform further, she reached out to some of her readers to figure out what resonated with them about her newsletter, what they struggled with, and what they hoped to gain from her posts.

What she found was that a lot of her readers weren't fulfilled by their jobs. They were successful according to societal standards, but they felt stuck, and as though they didn't have enough time to spend with their family, friends, and on their health. This was a result of their failure to balance their lives by having one area prosper, while another suffered.

From there, she developed online courses and programs that helped them find and align their purposes, priorities , and passions. In addition, she coached her clients in learning to think in a larger sense and become high performers in what mattered most to them.

She starts her clients off with reading Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath and has them take the Fascination Advantage Assessment by Sally Hogshead. With this test, her clients are able to discover what about them shines the most and draws people to them. Once her clients are able to find their strengths and their 'wow' factor, they are able to begin to rebuild their lives based off of these discoveries, and eventually live more fruitfully.

Come and learn more about how Kerry says we can eliminate empty activities through delegation, how to organize you day, and other tips to reaching clarity through action!

In this episode you will...

  • Know how to start to align your life with passions and values
  • Learn what characteristics you have that fascinate others
  • Figure out what are the empty distractions in your life and how to get rid of them
  • Learn how to design a tentative schedule for your day and wake up with intention
  • Realize what can be delegated in your personal and professional life
  • Be able to find people who are pioneers in your field and know what to take away from their journey


"Clarity comes from taking action. So if you're at a point in your life or your business...where you're not quite sure where to go...or where to focus all your efforts...the more that you get out there, get those ideas out of your head and into the world the more you learn about yourself...who you can help...what your strengths are...[and] what you're really passionate about." -Kerry Petsinger

"When you can do those things where you bring out the way that you fascinate, I feel you can make a bigger impact and just shine brighter because you're doing those things that really resonate with people" -Kerry Petsinger

"No matter where a person is at in their life with whatever your priorities...goals...[and] big dreams are, it's about being intentional. So where do you want to spend your time, where do you want to put your effort, where do you want to spend your you can truly make the difference that you want to make and be a high performer in what matters to you." -Kerry Petsinger

"A lot of times when you're in your business, or in your personal life, anytime you're working on reaching a big goal...and working on leaping towards something, you're going to have...self doubt. And if your thoughts are clouded by all of these people's...advice and they haven't even done it, it's very easy for you to let the mindset stuff overtake you. So to really say I'm going to be super intentional about who I'm learning from...that can help you so much." -Kerry Petsinger


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Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath (Fascination Advantage Test by Sally Hogshead)

The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz