SDIHW 054 - The Original Savvy Business Owner


The Original Savvy Business Owner  

Heather Crabtree believes that you should run your business and it should not run you, and that is why she is a business strategist for creative entrepreneurs. However, she did not begin her career journey as a business strategist, instead she started as a lawyer, what she had always thought she was meant to be. After her father passed away, her life turned upside down and she was unhappy working at a law firm. With the support of her partner, she stopped practicing and went into the wedding planning business. In 2014, she sold her business to a team member and decided she would create a community of like-minded women and business owners with the Savvy Business Circle.

Heather’s Strategies

-How she created a community of women and business owners

-Why her journey began as an attorney and then a wedding planner

-How free webinars helped her business grow

-The good and bad of managing a large group

-Relatable habits she is working on

-Which past podcast interviewee is her sister

-Her upcoming conference in September 2016

Sharp Quotes:

“My title being this business strategist, you would think that I had this game plan behind it, but I didn’t.”



“I am a continual learner, so I would just watch people, and pick apart what they were doing, and was like ‘okay how can I use this for my business?’ I was continually doing that and that’s how I built the community.”


“I wanted there to be a place where it wasn’t catty, and saying, ‘look at her success’ and bringing her down. I really wanted it to be a positive uplifting place.”


“You don’t want it to be all about money, but at the end of the day,you are a business owner, and you are here to make a profit too.”


“The challenge over the past few months has been: how does this fit within the bigger vision, and how do I still make it work for me and also the community..”


“I am a big dreamer, and I am also a big action taker. So, if I say I am going to do something, I am going to do it, and I am going to do it really well.”


“My whole thing is sharing your smarts and your heart because I think your heart has to be put in place in your business.”


[Connect with Heather: Twitter (@HeatherCrabtree), Instagram (@heather_crabtree) Pinterest (Heather Crabtree), Website:Heather Crabtree]