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Build Your Online Business

Dreaming of ditching your 9-5 and building an online business?

Ready to take massive action to design a business and life you love?

Learn how to use your already existing skill sets to create a profitable online business and work from anywhere.

>>> Challenge starts Monday, April 29th at 9amCST <<<

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    Build Your Online Business

    This FREE 5 day LIVE challenge is for your if…

    • You’ve ever dreamt about leaving your 9-5 and just not sure where to start.

    • You spend countless hours thinking about how you’re going to leave, you’re just not sure how or when.

    • You want to start a business that provides location and time freedom.

    • You’re looking for specific steps to take to get you closer to leaving your 9-5.

    • You’re ready to go from cushy corporate to two week’s notice…like yesterday!

    If you nodded your head to any of these, then you’re in the right place!


    Are you in?




      Build Your Online Business

      free LIVE 5 day challenge

      >>> Challenge starts Monday, April 29th, 9amCST<<<


      Ready to see exactly how you can take your skill set and turn it into a profitable online business while working from anywhere?

      Are you ready to ditch your 9-5 for a business and life that you love instead of fighting with yourself daily about a job you’re not a fan of?

      In this FREE 5 day challenge, we’re going to cover…

      • How to identify your unique skill set (hint! You probably don’t think it is unique, but I promise you it is)

      • Determine who you want to serve and outline your offer

      • Demystify this whole online business thing and show you the exact strategy that every single online entrepreneur uses (the one I wish I knew when I first got started)

      • A complete software tool checklist (so you don’t have to spend time figuring it out)

      • Different examples and ways you can offer your services (to help get your wheels turning and see what is possible)

      • Lastly, a suggested schedule on what to take action on when it comes to your next 60 days (all you have to do is execute it)

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        Hey there! I’m Amanda Boleyn and I help women just like you go from cushy, comfortable, corporate to finding their freedom way of building an online business that works for them and their skill set.

        You can read my full story, here where I share my entire journey with you on how I left corporate and ended up to where I am today.

        I’m so excited you’re here and I look forward to serving you and your journey!


        Amanda Boleyn