90-Minute Strategy Session

90 minutes focused on one specific area of your choice. I can help you put a plan in place to execute your goals, create systems in your business, overcome mindset blocks, putting a strategic plan in place to help you quit your job and more.

Prices increasing soon! If you want a 90-minute intensive with me at the lowest price ever, book soon!

What to expect when you book a “90-Minute Strategy” session?

When you register, you’ll be sent a form to complete asking you about what you want to focus on, what your current challenges and, pain points are, and any questions you have, along with what you’d like the outcome to be for those 90 minutes. (This helps me prepare in advance).

My Sweet Spot is…

  • Taking everything that is swirling around inside your head and making sense of it. I do this by asking really good questions that make you think and draw out of you the answers you need in order to find the clarity you need to move forward.

  • Recognizing the path to success. Because my brain works in a systematic way, I’m really good at take vague steps and breaking them down into bite-size actionable steps so that you can go from stalling to starting while also providing a checklist.

  • Removing fears that paralyze you from taking action and keep you stuck. I help you change the way you look at things, so the things you look at change by reframing what you give meaning to.

Ask yourself this…

How much is your lack of action costing you {in your life} and business. How long has an idea sat on the shelf that you haven’t taken action on because you’ve talked yourself out if?

This action packed, “90 Minute Strategy Session” is purposely intended for those who see the investment of $333 as an easy solution to gaining clarity, guidance and actionable steps.

If getting started and growing your business is important to you then say YES to the session.

What is involved in a “90 Minute Intensive” session?

Come to our call ready to go. Ready to dive in.

Before our call I need you to email me all your challenges, pains, questions you have, provide me with as much detail as possible. The 90 minute coaching session will only be as good as the information you provide ahead of time.

You will receive 90 minutes of straight, zero sugar-coating non-sense. I will also challenge you. At times it may get uncomfortable but what is a coach if they don’t push you outsize your comfort zone? I’m the worst at letting people stay in their comfort zones because I want you to succeed. I want you to see results from the our time together. :)

The call is recorded and you’ll be sent a file once it is over for you to keep. You’ll also receive a 15 minute follow up accountability session 10-days after our initial 90 minute session to see if you’re on track.