Podcast Guest Submission

We are so honored that you are interested in being a guest on She Did It Her Way!

First, let us tell you a little bit about who is tuning in....

We have 3 different listeners:

1. She is tuning into She Did It Her Way for inspiration to take action and start something on the side of her full-time gig

2. She is already side-hustlin' and ready to make her side, her main hustle (aka the leap)

3. This girl has taken the leap and is somewhere in her first 24 months of entrpeneurship


Topics that do well:

Our focus is our listeners who tune in every single episode, every single week.

Our goal is to bring them high value content every episode.

Key topics:

Systems (productivity hack, how to scale, how to think about systems)

Marketing (online, branding, avatar, advertising, email)

Money (managing finances, how to scale, how to manage cashflow)

Motivation (stories about the guest's leap and transition)

Mindset (getting over fear, moving towards abundance)


Submit on behalf of yourself:


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We review submissions on a monthly basis and

because of the sheer volume we're not able to get back to everyone. 

Guests submitted outside of this process will not be considered.