Hours: Part-time (6 hours/week)

           Summer/Fall 2015

Who We Are

She Did It Her Way Podcast is a collective of interviews with top female entrepreneurs from across the country who have done it their way. These women are disruptors, savvy, courageous, badass, confident, innovative, decisive, unconventional and humble. These women have proven business models, have taken risks, and have failed only to have success follow.


The Content Assistant Intern for The She Did It Her Way Podcast (SDIHW) will be responsible for working alongside our Content Strategist to help curate our message to the world, specifically the SDIHW weekly newsletter.

Tasks Include:

  • Listening to each interview before they launch
  • Write the weekly newsletter which includes but not limited to: provide a quick bio of each interviewee, summarize each interview with key points, research resources mentioned in the interview, include social media tags, identify quotes from interview
  • Provide suggested interview titles
  • Upload show notes onto Squarespace
  • dentify tags on Squarespace to drive SEO
  • Tag previous episodes to drive SEO
  • Ability to research and replicate previous work already completed, receive and implement feedback, provide process improvement
  • The benefits of this position is that the Content Assistance Intern will have the opportunity to receive first-hand experience with creating content, work directly with an early-stage start up and have direct access to an entrepreneurial network.


  • Must be a college student
  • Must be creative and have a proven track
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Quick wit and a hustler
  • Problem solver
  • Can handle receiving and providing feedback
  • A constant desire to grow and better oneself
  • Demonstrates a strong understanding of social media; content development, engagement and passion
  • Loves cookies and a good dance party

Personal traits should include:

  • Autonomous work ethic
  • Self accountability
  • Humble, honest and confident a.k.a. SWAG

To Apply

Application should include:

  • Subject line: Content Assistant
  • Resume (attached PDF)
  • Links to all social media outlets including any blogs for writing ability

Send to // Due by: August 24th, 2015 at midnight.