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Does this sound familiar?

You’re more than ready to hit the ground running, you’re so excited and have so much energy for what it is that you do... you just need a little help clearing the noise, removing the blockers and guidance on which step to take next in your business.

Only, one thing is stopping you. You’re somewhat stuck and stalled on where to go next.

If you’re an aspiring or newly found ambitious entrepreneur and you’re ready to accelerate your business, then you’re in the right place.  

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    In this 8-week group coaching mastermind program we’ll build you custom roadmap and bite size action steps so you can start taking action.


    Can I get a hand raise and a holla if this at all sounds familiar…

    • “I'm struggling with what business to start since (like most entrepreneurs, we have idea-rhea) and just when I think I have it, I sit down to start and just don't know where to start.

    • “Should I be taking an SEO course so the time I spend writing content will be searchable?  Do I build a list first so I can get my content out there?  Do I plan a Pinterest or other marketing strategy so when I do have content, I can launch immediately and then build my list from that?”  

    • “I know theres probably never going to be ’the one’ when it comes to ideas, but how do I find the best one?? I need a clear strategy.”

    • “I become paralyzed when it comes to tech. People always act like creating a website is so simple. I'm trying to get my blog/financial coaching business off the ground, but, there is SO much information out there. What courses should I take?  How do I make that little coding change?  Is there really a need for this?”

    • “I’m confused and overwhelmed and don’t know exactly what to do next.”

    • “For me it’s being overwhelmed with the organizing of everything it takes to startup (and/or the several ideas that come at once and fighting for first place). I usually have like 14 notes running with lists and lists scattered throughout with several “to-do’s” as well as 43 browser windows open researching different things.”

    • “I experience fear, fear of taking a risk, fear of putting my ideas out there and them not being liked or well received) & strong pull of the psyche to stay in my comfort zone”

    • “I’m unsure of how to prioritize my side hustle.It is really important to me for daily thriving and balance when starting my business.”


    Friend, it IS possible for you to create a business and life you love, without feeling overwhelmed and lost at what next best step to take. I will show you.

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    Here is the secret sauce to making the 8 week immersive deep dive program work:

     It is all about taking massive action {with intention and purpose}.  

    • Coaching: We'll kick things of with a 1:1 first week of the program to get a better understand of where you're at and how you can get the most out of the group coaching program.

    • Hot Seat + Mastermind Calls: Every week (with the exception of week 1 because of our one-on-one's) there will be a group mastermind call that will include hot seats where you will have a chance to present to the rest of the group something you want help on and we'll give you feedback. 

    • Community: Private Facebook community for 24/7 support and encouragement. 

    • Accountability: Every Monday we'll have a check-in and share our 3 things to get done that week and every Friday a check out, where you'll share your quick recap with the group.

    • Recordings of all coaching sessions for you to keep and replay as many times as you’d like. 


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      Here’s what you get:

      ✔️ONE 60 minute deep dive immersive coaching call on during week one  

      ✔️7 Group Mastermind Coaching calls that include hot seats and laser coaching 

      ✔️Weekly “Check-in’s” on Monday and “Checkouts” on Friday  

      ✔️Small, intimate community with your peers and coach (aka me!) 

      ✔️Recordings of all the sessions, and mastermind calls

      Sign up to join the waitlist and be the first to be notified when enrollment opens!


        Frequently Asked Questions:

        When does the group coaching program kickoff?

        We start the first week of August with our 1:1’s and it ends the last week of September.

        How do I know if this program is a good fit for me?

        If you have any questions about the program itself, email me at hello (at) shediditherway (dot) com and we’ll set up a time to chat :)

        What time will the group calls be?

        Once all members are enrolled, I’ll poll the group to determine the most favorable time that is consistent every single week. If you can’t make it one week, don’t worry! All the calls are recorded :)

        How long will I have access to the private Facebook group?

        The private Facebook group is hosted by me. At the end of the 8 weeks, I will archive it so you’ll still have access to it.

        Is there a payment plan option?

        Yes, you can either pay a one-time payment of $797 or 3 payments of $267. When you break it down the coaching program is less than $100 a week :)

        Are there any refunds?

        Once you commit to the program either by paying in full or multiple payments, there are no refunds.


        Still on the fence and haven't decided yet...

        Let me first acknowledge that this is a big decision for you.

        Most of the students I work with are early on in their journey so this might be one of their first big investments in them and their business.

        It can be scary and overwhelming.

        Wondering, "Will it work?" "How do I know it'll work?" "What if it fails?"

        Here's what I can tell you, proven processes lead to predictable results.

        By understanding and knowing where it  is that you desire to go (at the end of the 6 weeks) and where you're currently at (the beginning), all we need to do is build a roadmap {this is what we'll do this during our 1:1}. During the program it is all about taking massive action, implementing what you learn, working through fear and any discomfort to stay committed to that end goal.

        I'll be right there with you as you go through this.

        If you've been saying for some time now that you're ready to take action, ready to DO something, join me in this program! 

        If you’ve been trying to take action on your ideas, or build a business for weeks, months, maybe even years, then this 8 week group coaching program is for you!

        Sign up to get on the waitlist and be the first to know when enrollment opens next!


          BTW, have we met?! :)


          Hi! I’m Amanda Boleyn, founder and CEO of She Did It Her Way!

          I took the leap and left my Corporate 9-5 job in May 2012 to become a full-time freelance facilitator.

          In 2015, I started She Did It Her Way podcast as a way to learn from other female entrepreneurs doing it their way.

          Since then I've been able to work with women from across the globe to help them cut through their chatter and find a strategy that works.

          My sweet spot is being able to take something that that is seemingly complex, overwhelming, with so many moving parts and make sense of it by breaking it down into bite sizable, actionable steps and putting a process around it. All to help you see your next move and inspire action to get you to where you want to go.


          If you made it all the way to the bottom of this page and still have questions, no worries! I get it and I want to answer them for you. There is no small or dumb question you could possibly ask. Email me at hello (at) shediditherway (dot) com.