Over the past two years since launching She Did It Her Way I've had a lot of people ask me about podcasting; like where do I even begin, what equipment do I need, how do I produce the podcast, can I make money from it?

In this 60 minute, 6 module webinar I will teach you...

1. How to launch a podcast for less than $25

2. The EXACT process I use

3. How to organize yourself as a HOST

4. How to PREPARE for your initial launch

5. Ways to MONETIZE your podcast

6. Things I would do differently #truthbombs


Fast Action Guide: the EXACT steps to take to launch your podcast in 30 days

FAQ: 3 page document with the most asked questions

Private Facebook Group: Get assistance from myself and others who are also producing their own podcast

Also, since this is an online webinar pull up in your pjs or yoga pants, grab your favorite beverage whether it is a cup of tea or a glass wine, sit back and get ready to have some fun!