SDH 018: Embracing Vulnerability with Sara Davidson

Sara Davidson is the founder and CEO of Hello Fearless, The School for Female Entrepreneurs created to help women start, grow and scale companies, while unleashing their full potential as women. Hello Fearless offers Boss School, a 90-day online course and exclusive society of badass women getting equipped with the tools and skills to whip their dream businesses into shape and finally make the money they deserve.

“When your entire identity is surrounded by the same goals as a company, your career, or a job and you lose it all at once […] It was a big wake-up call”

Alignment :: Living your true purpose

Worked with the Global Foundation of Entrepreneurship to launch an online curriculum available to women regardless of where they are located in the world – Enter:: Boss School

Boss School offers a community of support and learning preferences accessible any time for every learner.

Building an Online Course:

  • Ask yourself: What is your desired result that your target customer will have at the end of the course?

  • Put up a sales page and pre-sell to see if people bite!

  • Think of the flow and how each module builds upon one another

  • Bake in accountability by partnership

  • Using the right platform for website/course functionality

  • Working with subcontract developers

  • Developer and designers come through references

“Don’t ever make decisions out of a scarcity mindset”


Drained when creating content and selling simultaneously – batch your time

Gets energy from some things that take energy – get enough sleep and stay healthy

“Burnout happens when you lose connection to yourself”


Your body will tell you. When you don’t take time to stop, pause, and take care of yourself. Energetically you know you’re exhausted. You lose motivation to create epic things.

“Anxiety is a fear of the future. Depression is a fear of the past.”

Counter-correct: Take a few days to do a hard reset.

Then: Incorporate daily rituals into your life.

  • Wake up

  • Stretch

  • Drink lemon water

  • Practice gratitude exercises

  • Meditate

The world is waking up and we need to prioritize taking care of ourselves above everything else.

“When I take care of myself, I can do things in one-tenth of the time than when I’m exhausted”

Stop trying to do it all – Ask for help

“If you’re doing things that you’re naturally good at and you love, you’ll get energy from it”

Self-Discovery: The Enneagram – Personality test tells you… how you get energy, how you operate when you’re stressed, what type of work you love.

“If you are so relentlessly passionate about what you are building, you can attract very talented people to work for you”

A Taste of Boss School: First four weeks – “The Core Four”

What students get:

  • Changing your relationship with time

  • The importance of daily rituals

  • Meditation

  • Self-Awareness

  • Mindset Training

  • Visualizing the type of lifestyle you want

  • Creating your business model

  • Financing your business

“The whole point of entrepreneurship is to build an extraordinary life”

If you’re not happy and fulfilled and don’t wake up every day wildly excited about what you’re doing – what is the point?

“You have to work through rewriting your limiting beliefs to even get to the point of seeing what is possible”

“Being surrounded by other epic, heart-centered, ambitious women in a community that encourages you and invites you to be vulnerable is transformational in itself.”

You’re motivated to do that deep inner-work that is necessary for you to really get clarity around what is possible and to unleash your full potential.

“The key is to start feeling good right now”

Practice Gratitude Every Day

“Once you start practicing right now, living in the present moment, you can start dreaming”

Advice: Be vulnerable. Vulnerability is sexy.

“When you’re vulnerable, that’s when people fall in love with you”

Book Recommendation: The Big Leap – Gay Hendricks and Thrive – Arianna Huffington

Find Sara at:, @hellofearless (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook)

@saradavidson on Twitter

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