SDH 017: Creating a Consumer Product Like a Boss with Leap Caplanis

Leah Caplanis is the founder of SOCIAL Enjoyments, an alcoholic beverage company with the mission to create the most health-conscious alcohol available today; to empower people to live vibrant, connected lives.

Leah shares her incredible story defeating thyroid cancer with a natural diet. She found herself no longer wanting to live a restrictive life and desired the enjoyment she received from alcohol without the regretful feelings later.

4% Alcohol – Low in Sugar – Tastes Great

Getting Started:

  • Reached out to a partner

  • Entered a business competition

  • Joined an accelerator program

“It all starts with a commitment”

You start taking actions that start to set you up to take bigger actions.

“As long as in your mind you are at a comfort level with whatever options you have, then you’ll make the change”

Incubator Program:

  • Address your main needs: investing, manufacturing, marketing

  • Connect with introductions

  • Meet with people to soak up the knowledge

  • Make the pitch

Launched August 2014

Building the product:

If you want to learn how to make something or do something, call your vendors. They are incentivized to educate you so that you can purchase from them.

“The world starts shrinking and you really start entering into the industry you’re going for”

Through calling you start to know exactly what you need for funding and who will be making your product


  • Got a marketing advisor

  • Started talking about what the main marketing tactics are going on

  • Figure out the consumer

  • Consumer aligned with affordable marketing strategies

  • Attended events

Getting into stores:

  • Connect with the category manager

  • Personal network connection is best

  • Or just email!

“You have to present a front that is very confident.”

“People won’t meet you with those big opportunities unless you come at them with something big”

Initial Funding: Teammate investment and living on savings

Friends & Family round of funding | A Convertible Note | Sent an email seeking investors

“At the beginning of the business you don’t want to value your company because you don’t know the value”

The convertible note will turn into stock based on the amount invested compared to the valuation

Keeping Sane:

Variety + Balance

“You need to take care of your body and your needs.”

Work expands to the amount of time you give it.

“Getting in alignment with the lifestyle you really want and creating the business that will create that lifestyle”

Book Recommendation: Power vs. Force – David Hawkins

Connect with Leah: → order via Instacart in Chicago! @88Social (Twitter, Instagram) and Facebook

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