SDH 022: Fulfillment and Challenges: A Non Profit's Story with Kathleen Casey

Kathleen Casey is the Founder of Bear Necessities

Pediatric cancer effects over 15,500 children each year!

Such a will and desire to live life and live it to its fullest even though they are dealt with something that is so serious and so uncommon.

It doesn’t take a lot to bring joy and happiness to these kid’s lives!

Started at the onset to support the hospitals in the Chicago area with things that could bring hope and joy to children’s lives while going through the battle. 23 years later, Bear Necessities is funding research across the United States to find a cure for cancer.

“Help kids rediscover their childhood while we’re discovering a cure to pediatric cancer at the same time.”

Partner up with another foundation and collaborate efforts to make a big difference

“When you have something that you really believe in, and you believe in yourself, follow those dreams and follow your heart.”

How to engage donors to fulfill the mission:

  • Every dime counts – no donation is too big or small

  • Show your donors where their dollars are going

  • Develop a relationship - make your donors your friends

  • Give donors autonomy around what their donation is funding

  • Share results, outcomes, and stories with donors

Where to go for Transparency:

  • Newsletters

  • 990 with IRS

  • Annual audit

  • Better Business Bureau

  • Independent Charities of America

  • Charity Navigator

“Everybody has a talent, treasure, & time that can be so needed at non-profits”

Keep Learning and Follow Your Passion

“To go to work every day and love the things that you do is incredibly important”

Ways volunteers can get involved:

  • Events

  • Work directly with kids

  • Utilize day-job skills

  • Get involved with interests

“It really is a great thing to be able to give back and you have no idea how valuable what you have, inside your own self is for every nonprofit.”

Book Recommendation: Inside the Kingdom – Carmen Bin Ladin

Get in contact with Kathleen and Bear Necessities:

“I truly stood there and said ‘I’m going to make a difference’, and from the get-go, I didn’t start small, I started big and dreamed big”

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