SDH 066: Design Your Desired Career | An Interview with Jenna Stratman

To all my corporate sisters out there daydreaming about starting your own blog, creating that online product business, or following through on that idea you’ve filed away until you find more time: The time is now ladies. This week’s guest, Jenna Stratman, said farewell to Corporate America and designed her way to a career that finally gave her a sense of purpose.

In this episode, you will …

  • Be inspired to take the leap out of Corporate America & pursue your own passions

  • Learn what it’s like to launch your first product and sell out of it!

  • Find out how to dig deeper into the emotional aspect of business

  • Discover the benefits of joining a community of like-minded lady entrepreneurs


 [Connect with Jenna: Twitter (@JLynnDesignery), Facebook (jlynndesignery), Instagram (@jlynndesignery), Website: jlynndesignery]