SDH 068: Don't Sell Yourself Short | An Interview with Maria Bayer


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    Have you had moments in your entrepreneurial life when you’ve felt worn down and listless? Like you were in it for the wrong reasons… Are you ignoring a passion that you have longed to explore? It’s time to stop feeling burnt out, start taking control, and find the meaning you’ve always wanted out of life. Sales Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs, Maria Bayer, finally took control of her life and found her purpose by running a successful online business about sales. Listen to Maria’s story and savvy tips and get closer to finding your purpose and gaining control of your life!

    In this episode, you will learn…

    • How to embrace your breaking point and take control of your life

    • The value of having a mentor

    • Three key steps for owning your value as a business owner

    • How to understand and acknowledge your money mindset


    [Connect with Maria: Twitter (@MariaBayer1), Facebook (MariaBayerFan) Instagram (@mariabayer1), Website: mariabayer]