SDH 072: Create & Collaborate | An Interview with Megan Lusher & Samantha Johnson

It’s time to stop feeling guilty and shameful for wanting to leave the job or industry you’ve poured so much time and so many resources into. You CAN take the leap and you may not be the only one considering that particular leap! There are many other entrepreneur lady bosses who have similar leap ideas and are ready to collaborate and create!

Today’s guests (yes—double the lady boss insights!), Megan Lusher and Samantha Johnson, decided to overcome the fear and shame of leaving their familiar industries, and open up their minds—and inboxes—to new opportunities. Together, they created Flock & Gabble, a platform that powers creative connections, collaborations, and conversations among female entrepreneurs.

In this episode, you will learn…
•    The Dos & Don’ts of reaching out
•    Why you should say YES to emails
•    How an idea can turn into a business
•    Potential partnership advice (major key = coffee & wine)


 [Connect with Megan & Samantha: Twitter (@flockandgabble,) Facebook (Flock & Gabble), Instagram (@flockandgabble), Website: flockandgabble]