SDH 081: 3 Amazing Productivity Hacks to Put Time Back on Your Side...

Have you been looking for ways to fit more in a day and get more done than the 24 hours seem to allow? Tune in for some amazing time hacks that will totally change the way you approach your business and your life.

We all get bogged down in tasks like checking email, and while it seems like we’re getting things done, those kinds of tasks really don’t move the needle on our business. In this episode, you’ll learn how to escape the inbox trap, allow time management software to start working for you, and learn how to batch tasks and activities to free up your time!

In this episode, you will…

  • Understand how time hacks will give you more time and energy to accomplish your goals!

  • Get three amazing time hacks that will increase your productivity and your success!

  • Learn what batching is and how it will change the way you see tasks and errands forever

  • Get tons of resources that will help on your journey to getting more done in less time

  • Discover incredible hacks to help you stop getting trapped in your inbox


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“Batching helps us eliminate tasks that zap our energy.” – Amanda Boleyn