SDH 088: The Joys and Struggles of Entrepreneurship | A Panel Discussion with Amanda Boleyn and Friends

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Are you a talker or a doer? Do you say yes to everything, or only to the things that will drive your success forward?

Today’s episode is special because instead of a one-on-one interview, we are hosting a panel discussion with three lovely lady entrepreneurs who have succeeded as entrepreneurs through all kinds of obstacles.

Tune in to hear about their unique entrepreneurial struggles, learn their tips for developing plans for action, and get tips on starting to say yes to more of the right opportunities!

In this episode, you will…

  • Discover what it takes to become a solopreneur

  • Get shortcuts for, misconceptions about, and insights on becoming an entrepreneur

  • Learn some simple steps for success when going out on your own

  • Realize how much work goes into becoming an entrepreneur

  • Hear the habits and rituals of female entrepreneurs who have made it


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