SDH 091: Following Your Heart Centered Business | A conversation with Reina Pomeroy

Are you burnt out from your job? Maybe you think you love what you do, but the crazy commute, mixed with other life obligations leave you exhausted by the end of the day? You may feel as if you aren't doing life properly, if that's even possible. You can throw a side hustle into the mix to try and spice things up, but it may not overlap with your main gig, leaving you unfilled. 

Sometimes you need a coach to bring the heart back into a business that you're passionate about, where you are your own boss and can live a life that's tailored to your personal needs and desires.

Today's guest, Reina Pomeroy, brings her coaching skills to the podcast, for creative entrepreneurs like yourself. Reina refused to be burnt out with her social work job and took the leap to create her coaching business Reina & Co. as well as co-host The Creative Empire Podcast. Join us today, as she shares stories of her clients' entrepreneurial fears as well as her own, and how YOU can overcome them.

Tune in!

In this episode, you will...

  • Uncover the benefits of having test clients at the beginning stages of your company

  • Discover the biggest transition from full-time mom to being an entrepreneur

  • Identify how to overcome obstacles like technology and overworking

  • Empower your mind with Reina's tactic of CEO afternoons

  • Improve calendar organization by using weeks of month



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We all have that fear of ‘are we doing enough?’ As women, typically, we are very heart centered; we want to please and help people.
When you face that fear, and step into what’s next, you’re able to actually grow your confidence.
Being loyal to yourself, first and foremost, is the best way to be consistent.
Every business is a little bit of a hot mess behind the scenes. If you can be vulnerable about it and really just be present in the moment with your audience, they’ re willing to show up, they’ re willing to cheer you on and they’ re willing to be behind you because they know what it’ s like.