SDH 204: 5 Reasons Why I Believe Burn Out Can Be a Good Thing


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Hello friends! Happy Monday! Here we are again :) 

In today's solocast I want to share the 5 reasons why I believe burn out can be a good thing. Now at first glance, you may be thinking, "How could burn out EVER be a good thing?!" Don't worry, I'm definitely not suggesting that you should strive for being burned out or stay being burned out for forever. I'm sharing how you can harness the experience of being burned out to make changes in your business long-term. 

Being burned out....

1. Helps you to identify what you value the most

2. Help you identify the pain of being burned out that you can then leverage in the future to avoid it.

3. Helps you to identify where you need to cut back

4. Helps you to identify what systems to implement

5. Helps you plan for the future and better to be able to identify when your next burn out might be and how to avoid it.


Tune in to hear more of a deep dive!



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