Find Out Which Planner of 2017 Made the Biggest Impact in My Business

Over the past year I’ve tested out multiple types of planners and as 2017 begins to wind down and 2018 is just around the corner I’m getting ready to purchase my next planner to kick off the new year.  Of the handful of planners, I tried this past year there was one that I found to suit my needs the best. 

I tried using the Simplified planner and Bullet Journalling. While I really fell in love with Bullet Journalling in the beginning (and may someday go back to it) I was still looking for something that incorporated setting goals and was action-oriented. 

Then I came across the SELF Planner.  The planner is outlined for a three-month increment or a quarterly increment rather and I found it to be perfect because not only do I like setting goals on a quarterly basis but it also had a bit of Bullet Journal feel to it. I say that because there are parts of the SELF Planner that you get to build out. 


Here are the 5 reasons why I love using the SELF Planner:

1. At the beginning of the journal it takes you through a series of prompts and helps you set actionable and achievable goals that later get broken down via your daily tasks

2. It incorporates a gratitude portion at the beginning of the day and before you go to bed. It is a similar practice to that of the “5 Minute Journal.”

3. There’s a place for your daily “Big 3” - the three things you want to accomplish in order to move your business forward and accomplish your quarterly goals that you’ve set out to do

4. Daily reflection - Lessons Learned and Wins for the day

5. My favorite part is the weekly/daily tracker. Every week you set daily habits that you want to work on.  Mine are usually mediation, workout, drink water, accomplish my big 3. Every day I keep track of those habits and every week at the end of the week I reflect on those daily habits along with rating how I felt my week went along with the progress I made towards my quarterly goal. When I look back I can definitely tell what causes me to rate my weeks lower or higher. With that information I can them make sure for future weeks to do more of what raises the weekly score and less of what lowers it overall increasing my productivity and progress. 

As you can tell I love the reflection aspect. It is important to track progress and reflect on your goals. 


What are your favorite planners?