SDH 219: Learn How to Run a Business and Travel the World with The Bucketlist Bombshells


Ready to ditch your 9-5 and build your service based business using your very own skill set?

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    How do you build an online business? How do you run that business while traveling around the world? How do you handle a staff scattered across the nation?

    Don’t fret because, in today’s episode, Cassie Torrecillas and Shay Brown have the answers! Cassie and Shay are the co-founders of The Bucketlist Bombshells; an online educational community that teaches Millennial women how to build online service-based businesses while traveling the world. The Bucketlist Bombshells consists of two skills courses that are open year-round, and their original business course, Work Online and Travel the World; which is available once a year in the spring. The year-round courses arm students with tech and design skills, while the spring course helps them find clients, build a website, manage their finances while traveling. Users must start with the two skills courses to become acclimated to the Bombshell community and gain the courage and support they may need to tackle their entrepreneurial dream. From the introductory courses, students have the confidence to withstand the lifestyle shakeup of Work Online and Travel the World and have the skills to start their online businesses. 

    The two came up with the idea after a chance encounter at a coffee shop in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Though complete strangers, they had both bought one-way tickets to Mexico after graduating college for the same reason: to escape the fast-approaching corporate rut. They wanted to see the world, but also maintain a steady income, and came up with the idea to become “digital nomads”.  

    They started by each building their own service-based businesses; with Cassie’s focusing on graphic design and social media management, and Shay’s on website design and social media management, too. To incorporate their passion for travel, they decided to simultaneously fulfill their travel bucket list. By tackling both passion projects at the same time, they gained experience in managing the business on the go and in different time zones, landing clients, and online marketing all while globetrotting. 

    Whenever they came back home, they were bombarded with questions about how they could possibly travel full time and run their businesses. So at their kitchen table in Italy, they decided to create a resource hub for women to become educated on how to start online businesses, but maintain their freedom and live creatively. 

    They began by pulling their skill sets together to build an online course from scratch. They went with Course Cats, a WordPress theme, and MemberPress, a membership plugin. They went on these platforms because they wanted to maintain control over customization, and student/visitor interaction with the course.  They also used Whistea to host the videos on their website. Around three to four months later, they had launched their first online course on Bucketlist Bombshells!

    Stay tuned and hear more about how they managed a staff around the world, co-ran the company, and Bucketlist Bombshell’s evolution!

    In this episode you will…

    • Learn how to run a business and travel around the world

    • Be able to bring your dream job to others

    • Know how to build an online teaching course

    • Figure out how to flow your courses

    • See how to manage a remote team

    • Know how to build a strong online community and inspire confidence


    “There are not that many females in this space. We would love to bring more females into this area [and] have some more friends on the road…we ended up stopping to think, what if we created this amazing roadmap for others to do the same thing.” -Shay Brown

    “It’s so crazy how you really tackle your dreams, and you sit down, and you start thinking what is that actually going to look like. We thought about meet-ups around the world, and different courses, and just so many different things, that we’ve now made a reality, and it’s really just like the best job in the world.”-Cassie Torrecillas

    “Just because something doesn’t work out for your first launch does not mean you’re all of a sudden not cut out to be an entrepreneur. I think what really makes people successful entrepreneurs is they sit down, and take those things that didn’t feel right…they go back and re-talk with their audience, and that’s when you really make something amazing.” -Cassie Torrecillas

    “We love the stuff that we work on. Everything we do throughout the day can get [us] in such a zone and where we’re so into what we’re doing that we need to really come with this mindset [of] we’re coming with our best foot forward with our community.” -Shay Brown


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