SDH 222: Finding your Definition of Success with Jenna Kutcher

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    Do you know what your superpower is? Do you know how to channel your gifts into a business? How about making money from that business? Can you do that in yoga pants?

    Look no further than Jenna Kutcher! Jenna has a podcast, is an educator, and a photographer. With her many platforms, she aims to inspire women to start profitable and sustainable businesses that they love, start living on their own terms, and capture their business freedom!  

    Originally, Jenna thought she wanted to be a surgeon, and studied pre-med in college. She decided to reroute her career path when she saw how long she’d have to be in medical school, and decided to go the traditional corporate business route. As she sat down in her cubicle in her pencil skirt, though, she said she realized she hated every second of that world. She said when she sat down with her boss and discussed her future in business, she yearned for a life in yoga pants and a life full of success on her own terms.

    Her exit ticket came in the form of a blog and a $300 camera from Craigslist, and she became a wedding photographer. Despite never taking a photography class, she booked 25 wedding gigs right out the gate, and after six successful years has shot 125 weddings. Even though she was happier as a photographer, she said the constant workload began to give her anxiety, and couldn’t seem to find time to disconnect from work. Her entire world revolved around her laptop, and her camera, and she had to make another change before she burnt out from exhaustion. 

    After talking with her husband, she decided to cut her wedding workload and income in half to reclaim her life and peace of mind. With her new free time, she began exploring other passions, like painting, and calligraphy. As her mind welcomed clarity and balance, she said she realized her superpower was being able to start a profitable business in the arts and wanted to help starving artists do the same. So she started the Goal Digger podcast to help entrepreneurs find their definition of success, and start their careers!

    Get cozy, and hear more about how Jenna got her start and created her resource hubs for aspiring entrepreneurs!

    In this episode you will…

    • Know when to start to explore other passions

    • Learn to balance your peace of mind, creativity, and career

    • Learn how to ask for help and pass off duties to other people

    • Know what KPI’s to look at to keep track of your productivity and growth

    • Look at your price point as an equation, and separate it from your emotions

    • Find the best way to start your day so you will have a positive mindset and productive day


    “We are just working on building and automation, and so looking at how can we serve people in the best way, while preserving my energy, my creativity, and letting me work on the pieces of my business where only I can serve. So that’s looked like building an actual team…and how I  prioritize my time so I can make the most of it. So truly seeking balance is something that we are working towards, while we continue to grow and expand the empire that we’ve built.” – Jenna Kutcher

    “We protect the word ‘yes’ for the best ‘yes’s…I have learned over the last six years that it is best to bet on myself and to invest in myself. A lot of those ‘opportunities’ are truly to further other people’s brands and endeavors, and so you have to learn to put your head down just a little bit more. It’s been really awesome having almost a gatekeeper of my time, my calendar, and kind of seeing that overall picture of what are my biggest goals, and if this is in alignment, then say yes, and if it’s not…then it’s a very easy no.” -Jenna Kutcher

    “Pricing is an equation it’s not an emotion. So often when we’re passionate about what we’re doing we get emotional about, it’s only natural. But that doesn’t come into play…when it comes to what you charge for your products or services…How much do you want or need to make for the year? How many hours are you committed to working towards that goal?...You have to run the numbers.” -Jenna Kutcher

    “I think that our inner dialogues can say so much about us…if my inner dialogue was shared with the world, I’d be embarrassed about the things I say to myself everyday…I think that we all are struggling, [and] I think that there’s beauty in acknowledging that as human beings that we never figure it out…I don’t think we’re meant to feel complete on this earth, but what I think is so incredible about it is that we have the ability to shine light into those dark areas…and say I see you…but I’m not gonna give you power anymore.” -Jenna Kutcher 


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