How hungry are you?


Forget about what everyone else is doing. All that matters is what YOU are doing. Forget about what everyone else has whether it is a successful business, a nice home, a nice care, freedom, flexibility, financial abundance. What matters is what YOU have and what YOU are doing.

We all face headwinds in life. We all have our own struggles. Which oftentimes is what we identify with. “I’m this way because of BLANK (insert a struggle).”

What we fail to recognize most of often (again, not all the time) but we undervalue the tailwinds that help us. Leaving us ungrateful and unhappy.

If we’re not careful we can let our headwinds define us, leaving us in a victim mindset. I know this because I’ve been in this mindset before. I used to let many things victimize me when I was younger.

Only as I got older I learned that it wasn’t productive, nobody cared and it wasn’t going to lead me to a successful life.


But what’s the single most important key to success?


It’s hunger.


Hunger trumps ego. Hunger is a muscle.


Biography is not destiny.


Hunger creates destiny.


How hungry are you to get where you want to go?