3 Lies We Tell Ourself When We Know It Is Time to Move On


Moving on can either mean, moving on to your “Bridge Job” (If you’re not sure what a "Bridge Job" is you can read my blog post here), taking action on your business idea or getting serious about your side hustle so you can ultimately position yourself to make The Leap

Deciding to leave your comfort zone (in this case your current job) is a personal choice and a personal journey. Everyone goes at their own pace and only YOU can decide what is best for you and when is the right time.

For me I said that I “wanted to quit my job” for months before mustering up the courage to leave and find my bridge job. Looking back there were 3 key lies I kept telling myself but should have taking as a signs that it was time to move on sooner. 


1. More Bad Days than Good Days

Lie We Tell Ourselves: “I’m going to have bad days regardless of where I work or what I do. That’s just how it is supposed to be.”

Not true. It certainly can be that way if you want it to be or if you chose for it to be that way. I remember feeling guilty for wanting to “get out” of the rat race and “Who I am to be that person that is fortunate enough to actually do what I love?” I used to see other people enjoying what they were doing but thought that could never be me. Until I met one of my mentors, Adam Carroll also known as "AC." AC showed me that you can indeed live a life that lifts you up and still do the work that lights you up.

Takeaway: Start to surround yourself with people who are where you want to be and doing what you want to be doing because you cannot be what you cannot see.


2. Conversations with co-workers that always results in negative talk

Lie we tell ourselves: "Every company has its issues. I feel better when I vent anyway."

And while that might be true that you feel better when you vent but not needing to vent at all is much better. First, no company is perfect. Not even the one you build as an entrepreneur. But there’s a major difference between complaining and discussing a topic that involves a solution. It may feel good to vent but it creates a toxic environment. Because every time you’re around your co-workers all you do is talk about work and it becomes draining. Some of it may be the environment of your work and some of it may be the people. For me it was the environment, not the people. 

Takeaway: Protect yourself from negative talk and focus on refraining yourself as much as possible. Also note that it may be a sign to find a different environment (aka...JOB).


3. Working to the point our mental and physical health suffers.

Lie we tell ourselves: “I’m important because I'm so busy because my work is sooo important.” (<---that would be your ego talkin’ my friend ;)

 The idea of having a job that requires long hours all. The. time. May sound important but when we start sizing up how many hours we work it is usually a sign that we have nothing else to measure like how much we value the work we do and the impact it has or dare I say...enjoy the work we do.

Also, when you’re working towards something you care about you don’t even pay attention to the number of hours you work or frankly have time to share how quote un quote BUSY you are. Because it doesn’t matter. And girlfriend ain't got time for that!

Whether you work a corporate job or are building a business there will absolutely be times where you work more than other times.. what I'm asking is...are you working so much that it is never ending work that depletes your motivation for anything and everything, numbs you emotionally and changes who you are (and not in a good way). And especially for women, our hormones and adrenals get out of wack because we've deprived ourselves of sleep, eating foods that nourish us and working out becomes a distant dream and then it becomes a vicious cycle.


If you've ever told yourself any of these lies, I get you. I was there too. I promise you that it is possible to enjoy what you do everyday, to be surrounded by positive people all while being healthy. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a wonderful week!