3 Steps to Take When You Have a Business Idea

In the beginning, having a business idea but not being sure on where to take it and what to do next can be a bit defeating at times. I totally get you, I’ve been there before. Overtime I’ve been able to develop a process for myself that helps me really see if the idea is something that I want to pursue long-term and helps me see if I’m ready to take the next step with my idea.

So you might be sitting at your desk, daydreaming of all these amazing ideas you have but you're just not sure where to start or let along how. 

No fear! Take some pressure offer girlfriend! It is all good. To get you started begin with these 3 steps...


1. Brainstorm Without Judgement

If you have an idea, start writing down everything about that idea. “What does it look like? How will it unfold? Who will use my product/service?”

Don’t think, just write!

Give yourself permission to dream and to brainstorm. Allow yourself to fully be in the brainstorming state with no judgement.  Be mindful of that little voice inside your head that hangs out and wants to tell you from time to time “Hey, that idea doesn’t make sense! Why are you putting it down on paper?? How are you going to execute it?” Acknowledge that voice and continue writing. 

Carve out a block of time and sit with your ideas and thoughts and put pen to paper. Seriously, grab a blank sheet a paper, don't worry about where you're going to save the paper, how it fits in your journal, just start ;)

2. Step away

The next step after you've spent time writing down your ideas is to take sometime and step away from your list. 

Maybe a few days, maybe a week. But enough time that will allow you some space and so you can come back to your list with fresh eyes.

3. Revisit

Now for the revisit. When you go back to your list, take inventory about how you feel reading each idea - “Is this something that I truly want to do or did it just sound like a good idea?” Circle 2-3 ideas from that list that you’ll use in the stage of exploring.


I still use this same process today in my business. I am an individual full of ideas and while majority of the ideas sound like a great idea they’re not always the best use of my time. Usually an idea will pop into my head, I act on that inspiration and take notes, step away and revisit.

Sometimes during the revisit phase I find myself chuckling and saying, “Wow. Yeah, that idea sounded like a wonderful idea but definitely doesn’t make sense for my business," and that is TOTALLY okay! That’s why you do this process. It will help you  save time and energy in the long run while helping you get focused.