How to Get More Done with These 3 Hacks

1. Self Imposed Deadlines

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to speak on a specific topic but never find the energy or determination to actual build out the presentation. What you do is apply/sign up for a speaking opportunity on that topic. Let’s say you get it, now you have no choice but to build out that presentation. You’ve given yourself zero outs. It is go time. #selfimposeddeadlines


2. Know the Difference between Energy and Time

Become aware of the not only the time you spend doing a task but also how much energy it takes to do that task. Ever dread doing something that you procrastinate doing it? Every time you procrastinate or think about doing it but don’t actually do it, you zap energy and you waste energy.

We all have things in life and in our business that when we put our head down, time flies. Know what I’m talking about? Can I get a hand raise?! For some people it may be that when you write or perform design work, time just flies by but when it comes to invoicing, scheduling social media, your energy drops and what takes you 15 minutes to complete feels like it takes all day to complete and you’re drained by the end of it.

Identify which tasks are the ones that give you energy and the ones that deplete your energy. Of the ones that deplete your energy see if you can outsource or automate them so you don’t need to spend as much time thinking about them or even doing them, saving you both time and energy. Which leads me to my next point….


3. Identify the type of task at hand

Sometimes there are tasks that only we can do that we may not be super jazzed up to complete but we know that it must get done. Think presentation, book, blog posts, research. As Brian Tracy would say, “Eat the frog.” Do the most dreaded task first and get it done. That way you can go throughout the rest of your day knowing that the “worst” thing is out of the way. You’ll be able to move through your day with more ease versus a lingering thought about something you need to get done.