3 Reasons Why You Must Be Tracking Your Time


Hello beautiful friends and happy Friday! Was anyone a wee bit thrown off by the short week? (assuming you live in the states and celebrated 4th of July?) Welp, I definitely was. Hence why this blog post is a few days late but we’re here and we made it, right?

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of your business or a seasoned entrepreneur there are only benefits when it comes to tracking your time. Toggl is a great tool to track your time - they have an app and desktop platform so you can move between both platforms and better yet...it's FREE!


Here are 3 reasons why you must be tracking your time….



Tracking your time offers an accountability coach. Because overtime you press the start button to track your time you are making a commitment to that task at hand. That way if you ever have an impulse to check social media, to check email, before you do so, you remind yourself of what you set out to do thus making you more focused and productive with your time.



By tracking your time you’re able to see where you spend it and how you spend it. It also may give you the confidence and a strong case as to why you need to increase your prices because you begin to see that those emails you send back and forth to your client, the travel time and prep time are associated with the product you sell. 

For example let’s say you run a coaching business and you charge $100 per hour for your services. So when you meet with your client you bill $100. But you’re not including the hour prep time so effectively you’re working 2 hours and only getting paid for one. You may need to adjust your pricing to reflect how much time you actually spend for your client. 



Tracking your time will help you become aware of the tasks you’re completing and the ones that may be time to outsource. Are you doing repetitive tasks every day, week or month? Are they ones that you can separate yourself from and pay someone else to do? By outsourcing tasks it frees up time for you to work on your business versus always in your business.  



Download Toggl on your phone, create and account and track your time for a week (5 work days thats is). And start to see where you’re spending your time. This is great whether you’re an entrepreneur or someone who is in transition of full-time corporate with side hustle. What gets measured gets managed. And when we measure our time, we manage it better. 


Have a wonderful weekend!