The one thing I do to scale my business.

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I always knew that in order to build and scale my business I would have to at some point outsource tasks that I was continually doing on a regular basis, like producing a podcast episode in order to free up my time to work on other business growing activities.

Even if you’re starting out and it is day 1 of your business  or you know you need to outsource some of your daily tasks but not sure how, or where to start then this post is for you.

A few months back I decided (decision is key) that I was ready, needed to and wanted to outsource areas of my business. These areas were taking up a ton of time and it was becoming taxing every time I needed to do it. Plus if I ever truly wanted to unplug I would need to outsource as much as possible in order to do so.

1. Identify

First, identify all the tasks you do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This doesn’t have to be super complicated. For me all I did was keep a log in my Bullet Journal that helped me see exactly what activities I was doing over, and over...and over...did I mention OVER? After a couple of weeks it came very apparent to me as to what I needed to outsource.


2. Systematize It

To make it easier to hire and onboard someone to take over any tasks that you do you’ll want to systematize it. Break down what you do step-by-step so that when the new person takes over he or she knows exactly what to do. A great way to do this is by using Asana. Definitely check out Megan Minn’s Youtube video of “How to Build a Content Calendar Using Asana.” I was introduced to this video via my gal pal Tess Wicks and after watching it it has completely changed the way I create systems in my business, for the better.


3. Record Yourself

I have found that the easiest, most impactful way to teach someone is by recording me doing it. Break each process down into bite size learning moments. I broke the entire podcast production down into almost 10 models to make them easy to digest and understand. I was able to onboard my gal so quickly thanks to recording these bad boys. Again, even though you may be starting out and are not actively seeking someone to pay to outsource, it is still worthwhile doing these activities because then when the time comes you’re ready to go!



Instead of posting on a job board for the position you want to hire for, first inquire amongst your friends who they use. The best referrals are the ones that come from within your network.


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