SDH 271: Taking the Leap from Finance to Photography with Elle Drouin


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    Are you tired of working for other people? Stressed-out and exhausted from the day to day grind? Have you thought of just moving away from the corporate stretch and do something you love and do something fun?

    Our guest for today did just that! Meet today's guest, Elle Drouin, an NYC-based product stylist + photographer, marketing strategist, crazy dog mom, lover of all things pink and founder of Wonderfelle Media. Her business helps female entrepreneurs build hugely successful brands through drop-dead gorgeous photographs, marketing, and business strategy.

    In this episode, you will...

    • Learn how to find the right target audience

    • Hear about Elle’s background in finance and how she transitioned

    • Hear about Elle's pet Instagram account that has thousands of followers!

    • Discover how she started and grow her Styled Stock Society membership

    • Learn about Elle's planning and how she keeps all her projects organized

    Get inspired by Elle's entrepreneurial story and find out more about how she changed her life from corporate to owning her own successful business that she loves! 

    "Having a flexible schedule is non-negotiable."
    "Wearing lipstick even for an audio-only interview makes me feel polished."
    "Do more of what works and less of what doesn't."

    Elle Drouin
    Style Stock Society