5 "Woo Woo" Practices I've Tried

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A few weeks ago I was moderating a panel and one of the audience members asked us “What is the most quote un quote WOO WOO thing(s) you’ve done that has helped you in your life and business?”

Some of the things I’m about to share I don’t believe would be considered that ‘woo woo’ but everything is relative and none the less, has helped me break through some blocks and show up on a consistent basis.

So let’s dive in!

  1. Meditation

I’ll start with this one. By now most people have heard about meditation; what it is, the benefits of it and the different types of meditation a person can do. I use Headspace for my practice or even sometimes I’ll find some meditations on Spotify that are a bit more interactive versus sitting in silence for a certain amount of time. While sitting in silence may sound unbearable to some or boring, it is actually quite a lovely experience. You actually train your brain to just be and you open yourself up to the divine where you can receive messages or intuitive hits.


2. Journalling

Okay, so journaling may not be considered very ‘woo woo’ but I do still find the practice to be very therapeutic and some of the things I've journaled about could be considered woo woo. I don’t journal every day but I make it a practice 3-4 times a week. Journaling is good to set intentions, plan the future and release anxiety or stress.


3. Acupuncture

You know, that thing where they stick needles in you ;) In traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture is linked to the belief that disease is caused by disruptions to the flow of energy, or qi, in the body. Based on your symptoms and pain is where the needles are placed on your body either lying face up or face down. Acupuncture also takes a look at your 7 chakras. A chakra is a center of energy and helps your body regulate them - the crown, third-eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root. Acupuncture helps the energy flow more easily throughout your body and can dislodge stuck energy that maybe found in your chakras.

If you’re in Chicago definitely check out Dr. Amy Wolf, founder of Herb + Ohm, in the loop. She is amazing!


4. Reiki

Being as we’re on the topic of energy, let’s slide right into the topic of reiki. Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that originates from Japan. I’ve known about reiki for a while and have some very close friends who have had reiki done to them but it wasn’t until May 2017 that I actually gave it a go myself. Reiki relies heavily on energy flow as well. It can be used to reduce stress, create relaxation, and the part that I believe that helped me the most was tapping into my subconscious mind to release previous traumas and beliefs that I was holding onto that no longer served me and my growth in this world.

Post my reiki session I experience noticeable differences. Even my husband will attest to this as well. Reiki was a sizable investment for the 90 minutes I was with my healer but certainly worth it as I was able to release some of the pain and suffering I was holding onto for so long.


5. Tapping

This technique I discovered during the most recent online bootcamp I was a part of - Money Mindset with Molly Sapp. Before her bootcamp I had never heard of “tapping.” Tapping is a combination of Ancient Chinese Medicine and Modern Psychology that works to physically alter your brain, energy system, and body all at once.  At first I was like wait a second, “How in the world does tapping points on you face make bring more financial abundance??” I’m a fairly open person so without judging (only curiosity) I thought, “Well, if it worked for others then there must be something to it.”

My first time I spent about 15 minutes tapping and nothing happened. 5 minutes later I was tapping and tears were rushing down my face. (<---- this is the part where you are release what is stuck and physically altering your brain and energy system).

Couple things about tapping:

  • If you’re not familiar with it and search a Youtube video on how to do it you most likely will be turned off by it (unless you find a really really good one that throuroughly explains why and how it can work for you)

  • You have to understand and believe that it will work for you otherwise your subconcious mind will prevent any shift from happening

  • If you’re going to give it a go I suggest finding someone you can study under but that is not to say you can’t just do it on your own either.


There you have it!


I’d love to learn more about what you’re up to and practices you've done that has helped you grow!


Please feel free to share :)