SDH 233: Recognize When Your Life is Realigning, Not Falling Apart with Bri Seeley


Have you ever had moments where it seems like everything is crumbling? Does it seem like everything you’ve built is being washed away? What if life is just closing a chapter, and starting a grander one? 

What’s up listeners! On today’s episode, we speak to returning guest, Bri Seeley, an author, coach, and speaker, about that, and then some! Last time we spoke to Bri, she was the co-host of a podcast with her business partner, Thais, and was a life coach. However, since last January, a lot has shaken up in her career and life. After a trip to Bali, everything in her life seemed to be breaking apart at the seams. Her business partnership no longer felt right and their podcast ended, a 10-week training program she had been working on fell apart,  and her closest friendships dissolved. She said everything in 2016 that felt right and was working for her, had thrown itself in the garbage in 2017. While her storm seemed never-ending at the time, she said she realized that her life was doing nothing but realigning itself and making way for newer and bigger opportunities!

But this realization didn’t come easy. She said she felt betrayed by the universe, abandoned, and went into victim mode. After months of intense wallowing, she had enough of herself. By April, she had to just throw up her hands, and admit to herself that she’s human, and that life wasn’t going to cater to her every wish. She said she also realized that her business ventures didn’t align with her core truth of freedom. She had always dreamed of living a bicoastal life, and traveling the world, while still working for herself. But the careers she had already started chained her to LA and committed her to 5 events a month there. Once she saw the disconnect between her desires and lifestyle, she began to see how much the failure of her businesses was a blessing in disguise, and a release from a confinement she hadn’t realized she was in.  

So she made the decision to change her mindset, and accept her path for what it was, get back on her feet, and go after success once more. She started asking herself how she wanted her life to look, what experiences she wanted to be having and actively began moving towards achieving them. She also began focusing on improving her health and her heart, and the friends in her life that were supporting her, and the loyal clients that never left her even when her businesses went under. She also adopted a Sunday ritual of walking around her local farmer’s market, and stopping by a café to journal all the things that excited her that week, and the things she was thankful for.

This weekly practice ended up being the premise of her first book, Permission to Leap. She said the book came to her in January and asked her to write it. She never aspired to be an author, but as she went through her depression, writing became her release. When she finally sat down to write the outline in June, the content flowed out of her, and she finished it in an hour. She then flew to Seattle to hand write her book, and under three weeks, she had written 55,000 words, and returned to L.A with a manuscript. In the next four months, not only had she completed the editing, she completed marketing process, too! By the time she hit Amazon, she already had 100 reviews on her book, and within hours of its launch, she was #1, and is still a Best Seller nine weeks later!

Stay tuned and hear more of Bri’s wisdom on making it through dark times, all the details that go into publishing your own book, and what all of Bri’s new businesses look like!

In this episode you will…

  • Know how to rebuild yourself after your business ventures fail

  • Be able to recognize when your life is realigning, not falling apart

  • Find your truth, and rearrange your life according

  • Figure out how to dissolve a business partnership

  • Learn to follow your intuition

  • Not allow yourself to stay in the victim mindset


“The biggest thing is being present with whatever is coming up in the moment, and not rationalizing…how I’m feeling. If my intuition is telling me something doesn’t feel right, I have to trust that...I think that’s really been my process across the board.” -Bri Seeley

“What the book writing process has given me is more clarity. I kind of knew before what my zone of genius was, and what I really, really did for women. And now I really know…Now I can say with complete confidence that I help women bring their vision to life.” -Bri Seeley

“I think the election kind of kicked a lot of women into high gear. I was unwilling to be victimized by the election, and it really lit a fire under me. I can’t pretend that I’m not here for something big anymore. I have to every single day go out of my way to make an impact, and create something in the world.” -Bri Seeley


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