SDH 244: Don't Make this Social Media Mistake with Stacey Harris

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Did you turn your ‘hobby’ into a business? Have you battled with staying true to who you are while trying to make your brand successful? Are you overwhelmed with the white noise on social and want to break through it to reach your customers?

Today’s guest, Stacey Harris, is a social media strategist, teacher, podcast host and speaker who has faced these same challenges. Stacey focuses on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of social media, cutting through the noise and producing results. Tune in to hear how her ‘hobby’ turned into her social media brand and learn how to incorporate some of her savvy, social expertise into your business.

In this episode you will…

  • Know when to have a self-heart-to-heart if your business isn’t aligned with you

  • Discover the three questions to ask during any point of your social media journey

  • Hear the biggest social media mistake you don’t want to make

  • Uncover the answer to ‘when is the best time to post?’

  • Learn about trends in paid advertising

  • Understand the importance of a segmented audience


“It just kept growing, because I didn’t really put any sort of limits on it. I just kept getting new clients or expanding my clients’ packages or engagements with me.” Stacey Harris

“I had really come to embrace the freedom that having an actual structured business allowed me to have.” Stacey Harris

“I had built this really fantastic brand, that was doing quite well. I had a full client load. I was working a crazy amount. It was in every way successful on paper and I hated it...I decided to do something crazy, really shift my brand and be myself.” Stacey Harris

“I think where we see social going, I think this is evident even in content and the rise of podcast and video popularity, is acting like a human. Even if your brand is a company brand, and you’re not a personal brand, it has a personality. And I think showing up in a way that’s real to that and having actual conversations, not just one-way sales pitches, will differentiate you very quickly.” Stacey Harris

“It’s got to be key that you’re not just broadcasting to people anymore, you’re leading conversations, community growth, and engagement.” Stacey Harris

“When you’re trying to talk to everyone, everywhere and be everything for them, you tend to just contribute to the white noise of the news feed...whereas when you show up with a clear picture of who you’re talking to, what you’re saying and how you deliver content, you’re going to break through and connect with the right person.” Stacey Harris

“We all have the same job, to get our clients from problem to solution.” Stacey Harris

“The best way to figure out what’s going to work for you is to look at the data you already have. You know those Facebook insights and Google analytics, and all that stuff that’s available to you? Start reading those, because that will tell you the answer.” Stacey Harris

“For me, the big thing right now with paid advertising is it is really no longer optional. Especially with the Facebook algorithm change that just happened, some kind of budget has to be involved in your Facebook time. But also remember that Facebook isn’t always the best option.” Stacey Harris

“Figuring out what makes sense to you and then figuring out your budget is going to be really key. The really good news is it’s literally never been cheaper to run paid marketing.” Stacey Harris

“I think it’s going to be more important than ever in the next couple of years that we not just target the right audience, but also we pay attention to what we put in front of them.” Stacey Harris



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