SDH 234: Reach Success by Breaking Old Rules with Eleanor Beaton


Does the fear of replacing a corporate income hinder you on your journey to solopreneurship? Are limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome holding you back? Would you like to know how some of the continent’s most successful women in business think?

Today’s fierce guest, Eleanor Beaton, is here to address these valid concerns, along with many more relevant topics. Eleanor is an award-winning journalist, speaker, and executive coach to powerful women varying from elected officials to leaders of major corporations. She even has her own podcast that aims to help women in leadership positions achieve unprecedented results with clarity, confidence, focus, and grace. Tune in as she shares a wealth of information from growing up in a household of strong women to the secrets behind  power and influence.

In this episode you will…

  • Discover why women struggle to replace a corporate income after the leap

  • Understand limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and how to erase them

  • Know the benefits of predictable revenue and how to generate it

  • Find out the truth about confidence and how to get it

  • Learn why women get into the trap of undercharging and how to break free from it

  • Uncover how eight, nine and ten figure business women really think


“...We can create success and we can do it by breaking old rules, inventing new ones and ultimately doing it our way.”  Eleanor Beaton

“That’s really what my mission and my team’s mission is to do—to really empower the world by bringing fierce, feminine wisdom to business and boardrooms all over the place.” Eleanor Beaton

“When you go out on your own, you have to eat what you kill.” Eleanor Beaton

“When I think about what it takes to build a successful business; I think about the triangle. One side is knowledge, the other point is effectively managing relationships and the third part is GSD.” Eleanor Beaton

“You really got to bring a sense of urgency to your business development and a real sense of focus, being able to focus on the money without letting yourself be overly controlled by money. I think that’s a dance. It can be a challenging balance.” Eleanor Beaton

“Find people who already model the kind of behavior you know is important to you and spend time with them.” Eleanor Beaton

“One of the number one challenges of very highly successful women is there are so few of them.” Eleanor Beaton

“So much of this is really practical and tactical..Influence and power love small rooms.”  Eleanor Beaton

“There is a definite choice and intentional bending of the rules in order to achieve the greater good or greater outcome in an effort to do what’s right.” Eleanor Beaton

“As women, often, we have a lot of social pressure to be perfect. We don’t want to 'go to school in public.' We want to be perfect before we make the offer, but we’ve got to get over that if we want to roll in the dough.” Eleanor Beaton

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