6 Habits I'm Working on in 2018

6habits I'm workingonin2018.png

Happy New Year friends! Welcome to 2018 :) Last month as I was thinking about the goals I wanted to set for 2018 I couldn’t help but want to include the habits I wanted to change as well being as our habits create the outcome. So for example if the goal is you want to get more sleep then what habit might you change in order to make that happen?


Here is a list of 6 habits that I am working on in 2018...


  1. Plugging my phone in a room that is isn’t my bedroom - My goal is to get better sleep. I’m fairly good at being disciplined when it comes to going to bed when I need to but I want to make the sleep even better.

  2. Placing water next to my nightstand before bed - I’ve always lacked in the hydration department and I know that when I’m fully hydrated I’m not as fatigued when I wake up (I can especially tell this when I workout during the day and don’t get enough water...my body the next morning is like dead weight.) I’ve started placing a glass of water next to my bed as a reminder to drink first thing in the AM.

  3. Turning my phone on airplane mode (more) - I have learned that turning my phone on silent isn’t enough because even the visual cue of the text message coming through is enough to distract me.

  4. Building in time for rest and recharging - Practicing looking at the month ahead and mapping out social activities, dinners, get-togethers and also mapping out downtime too.

  5. Building in chunks of time for education - Truly using Friday afternoons for purely educational purposes. I’ve created an Asana task to reoccur every Friday and during the week as I see things that I want to learn more about I can copy and paste the information into that specific task.

  6. Giving time between the ask and my decision // make it // then move on - Here’s what I mean...I am someone who lives in the moment and because of that, I can easily get caught up in the excitement that takes place in that moment causing me to make emotional decisions. I might be at an event, a one on one conversation, you name it. Someone asks me to do something and I immediately say "YASSSSSSSS!" because I'm either feeling the flow or I also don't want to offend that person. I’ve shared this habit of mine before on the podcast. I’m working on being allowing myself some time to let the emotional excitement settle to make an intentional decision by saying something close to, "That sounds amazing! Let me think about it and get back to you."


What are some of the habits you working on in 2018? Could be to change habits, make new ones? Share below!