SDH227: How to Choose a Mastermind & How They Can Grow Your Business with Sara Christensen

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What if you ran a series of successful businesses, and all of a sudden decided to switch your entire model and pursue just one? What has always been an underlying passion of yours that you never turned into a business? What if you’d be happier in that field?  

Look no further than today’s episode with Sara Christensen, the founder of Kickass Masterminds! At Kickass Masterminds, she organizes entrepreneurs into groups so they can network, brainstorm, and build friendships or gain mentors that can help them in their businesses! Her obsession with Mastermind groups started eight years ago, and she said having a group of business besties completely changed the way she looked at business and life, and how they worked together. It also changed how she did business, who she let in to help her, and how she let them help her. Being an entrepreneur of over 5 businesses herself, she wished she had Masterminds in those building stages, and couldn’t help thinking what they could’ve been if she had those groups. That’s when she decided to open her own Mastermind business, and create support systems for entrepreneurs so they don’t have to do it alone, and grow their businesses to be the best they can be!

Sara’s journey originally began in marketing, though, but she exited the corporate world when she found herself excelling faster than her positions. So she started her own marketing agency and quickly picked up big name clients, like New Balance. When her agency began to take off, it really showed her that she didn’t need the safety of corporate America, and her drive and potential would take her places that working for someone else couldn’t. She said she didn’t want to just make her own business, she wanted to make her own financial security, too and opened up more businesses. Her ventures ranged from a jewelry design studio to a wireless tech company, and while very different, they all had a marketing focus because it was still the industry she loved the most.

But once she began attending Mastermind groups, she completely rearranged her business structure and wanted to focus more on people interactions. Plus, the idea of starting a Mastermind group just wouldn’t leave her alone. She said it was constantly on her mind, people in grocery stores would talk to her about it, and she received a lot of encouragement from her business besties. She finally decided to sit down at her computer and gave herself an hour to begin pursuing it just to get it out of her head. Once she started, she couldn’t stop, and her passion began to flow out of her. After her hour, she had a 10-page business plan ready to go and realized that it was no longer a venture dream that she could ignore.

So she sold her previous businesses to work full time at Kickass because she said she has a soft spot for people at the emotional and mental stages she was at when she first started her businesses. She said she wants to be the mentor she never knew she needed to budding entrepreneurs, and give them all the resources, networks, and guidance they will need to become financially secure. Her family grew up really poor and lived off of welfare and food stamps, so she comes from a place of creating her own luck, and wants to give others the same opportunities, and confidence.

When choosing what Mastermind is best, she said you have to look at three things. The first is the mix of people. Finding the right group dynamic is critical, and Kickass uses a mixture and algorithms, and intuitiveness to match people based off of traits like their personalities, generation, attitude, and skills. The second is the structure and the process, essentially meaning how long is the group committed to being together, their meeting schedule, and relationships outside of Kickass. The final thing to look for is who is keeping track of everything, and making sure everyone is fulfilling their roles in the group. In other Masterminds, typically that is a leader or a coach, but at Kickass, it is someone of neutral group status who is responsible for handling the logistics of the group.

She also goes into how to ease into Mastermind groups, and set goals with your group so you can progress in your businesses, and be prepared for the major changes in their lives! Stay tuned to hear all of that and more!

In this episode you will…

  • Learn how to reevaluate your business structure

  • Know how to choose a mastermind group

  • Be able to figure out what you want most out of your life in Mastermind groups

  • See how to get acclimated to your Mastermind group

  • Know if you work better with strangers in your Mastermind group or people you know

  • Find the right business model and sales process so you can continue to progress


“I have had several experiences in my life where messages have come to me very strongly…it was coming to me in every way, shape, or form that you can even imagine…it was surrounding me, and I was like fine, I just need to get it out so it will leave me alone…in the course of an hour, I had a 10-page business plan…[And] the more and more I sat with this…and really got quiet and listened to what I wanted to do, and how I wanted to serve at that point, the more I couldn’t ignore it.” -Sara Christensen

“The honest, good, juicy stuff comes when [people] aren’t impressing each other anymore, and getting really down and dirty, because let’s face it, we all learn our lessons from the mistakes and the failures. And when we can really dive into that, that’s where the good stuff is” -Sara Christensen

“You get better when you repeat things, you don’t get better when you’re creating something new every single time. It's sort of like training for a marathon…you do your drills…over and over and over again, and you get better, and better, and better again…So for us the way we structure business is very much iterative, and we have this feedback loop in every single thing that we do, and a lot of repeating, and getting better.” -Sara Christensen

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