SDH 306: Behind the Scenes of Course Launch Pt 1: Ideation to Week 1 with Amanda Boleyn

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    Hey guys! Welcome to another episode with me!

    Today’s solocast is Part I of a two-part podcast-series where I’m going to share with you everything I learned from launching my online course, the BYOB Accelerator!

    BYOB (Become Your Own Boss) Accelerator launched as a five-week program with the goal to help women identify their skill set and leverage it to create their own service- based business and help them find their freedom.

    Key Take-Aways:

    • Timeline

    • Ideation Process

    • Marketing and Promotion

    • Biggest Takeaway

    • Plus, emotional journey and challenges along the way

    In this episode, you will…

    • Find out the idea behind BYOB and its goal

    • Learn about the steps to take when launching an online course

    • Get to know how to get the best idea and turn it into your business

    • Find out the importance of having a method when ideating

    • Discover the advantage of creating a webinar

    • Hear about the major challenges Amanda faced when launching the course

    Stay tuned for Part II!


    “The important thing is, I did it because I did not procrastinate.”


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