SDH 320: Grow Your Side Hustle with a 1:1 Service Based Business and Replace Your Corporate Income with Jacq Fisch


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    Sometimes the things that are said in fewer words are the better. Today we have the lovely Jacq Fisch who is a self-proclaimed unfussy writer strategist and writing coach!

    Before launching her writing and coaching business, Jacqueline spent 13 years working in corporate communications and management consulting. She's collaborated with 200+ clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, the US government, tech startups, life and business coaches, medical professionals, therapists, sports coaches, and creative solopreneurs.

    Jacqueline is passionate about helping entrepreneurs drop the fussy writing and jargon and instead communicate authentically, letting their personality shine through, and always in the simplest way possible.

    In this episode, you will...

    • Get to know Jacq Fish

    • Hear about her business and how she started

    • Hear how she managed to start a side hustle while working full-time

    • Discover why she moved away from corporate and took the leap

    • Find out Jacq's strategy in keeping in touch with people

    • How referral network helps her business

    • Get insights on how she manages her financials

    • Learn why simplicity is always a good idea


    • "Don't be afraid to do something for free just to get the ball rolling and test the ground and also build your network."

    • "You CAN grow a business on the side while at a corporate job AND do it without hating your life (or your family, or yourself)."

    • “When I started to be useful instead of brilliant, my career took off.” - Julia Cameron


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