SDH 312: From World Class Wine-Making to Producing Quality Skin Care with April Gargiulo

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    Today's guest is the Founder and CEO of Vintner’s Daughter, April Gargiulo, a luxury skincare company committed to performance-driven quality-focused, non-toxic skincare.

    She launched her first product, Active Botanical Serum in 2012 bucking industry standards by using whole organic plants and methodical formulation methods versus low-quality fillers and formulation shortcuts. Vintner’s Daughter quickly became a benchmark for quality and performance in the beauty world and is coveted by top beauty connoisseurs and industry professionals around the world. Through Vintner’s Daughter April commits 2% of every bottle sold to charities benefiting women and children worldwide.

    In this episode you will...

    • Hear about April's background in fine winemaking

    • Discover how she went from winery to skin care

    • Learn about her passion for creating quality skin care

    • Hear about her launch-story

    • Get insights on the process of creating her skin care product

    • Hear about what it takes to create, produce and grow an amazing product or service


    "You never take shortcuts, you never cut corners."

    "Our entire world, to be honest, is driven by what's new."


    Vintner’s Daughter