SDH 316: How this Company is Helping Women to Create Flexible Income and Become Their Own Boss with Blythe Harris


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    Today's guest is the creative force behind Stella & Dot. Recipient of FGI’s Rising Star Award for Accessories, the ACE (Accessories Council) Award for Retail Innovation, and the Drapers Accessories Designer of the Year Award in the UK. , Blythe Harris has built a world-class team of designers and merchants in both New York and Sausalito based design studios!

    Originally inspired by her grandmother Dot’s vintage jewelry box, Blythe’s creative vision mixes the beauty of vintage design and craftsmanship with the modern aesthetic and versatility of today’s stylish woman. Blythe’s leadership has helped grow Stella & Dot into a global brand.

    In this episode, you will...

    • Hear about Blythes background

    • Discover the inspiration behind her company

    • Find out about her first business

    • Hear about her experience overseas working with a non-profit

    • Learn about working with a business partner

    • Find out how they named their brand

    • Get to know her mindset and process when she was starting out

    • and more!


    • "Our mission is to create as many independent business owners and entrepreneurs as possible."

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