SDH 310: How to Easily Hire a Virtual Assistant to Help Scale Your Business (and Life!) with Bonnie Fahy

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    Ever wonder how other businesses are able to be an expert at almost anything? How they manage to produce results even not possessing all of the skills? These business people just know how to use available resources.

    Our guest, Bonnie Fahy, started as a balloon artist. Today she shares her journey on how she inflates her business (no pun intended), transitioned to entrepreneurship and now helping other business owners scale their business through coaching and online course.

    In this episode, you will...

    • Hear about Bonnie's humble beginnings

    • How she got into online marketing

    • Find out when was her "aha moment"

    • Discover how hiring her first VA helped her with her business

    • Learn about the benefits of outsourcing

    • Get to know the idea behind creating her first online course

    • Learn about the Growth Mindset


    • "Anything is possible if you start with the idea that you are always growing, you are always building and you are always getting better."

    • "As my action change, my story changes."

    • "If you want to have the things you never had before, you have to do the things you have never done before."


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