SDH 319: 10 Ways on How to Streamline Your Business and Life Using Asana


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    Hello friends! It's a great Monday and time for another solocast!

    You've heard me talk about Asana and how it helped streamline my business and so I couldn't be more delighted to dedicate this whole episode to talk about Asana! Let’s talk about the ways that you can use Asana for your business and personal life. I also created a free guide that you can download and implement.

    In this episode, you will...

    • Get to know about Asana

    • How to use Asana

    • Tips and tricks using Asana as your HQ

    • How you can use Asana for business and personal life


    • "Give your self permission to play around with it, to know that you will delete teams or delete projects over time, and you'll start to refine it. But if you don't start, you can't refine it."


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