SDH 237: How Shifting Your Mindset Can 14X Your Business with Jenn Scalia

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Has there been a point in your business journey where you needed to shift your mindset? Maybe it hasn’t happened yet, but you’re ready to scale, make a bigger profit, launch something new? Do you have a savvy enough strategy for these changes?

Today’s guest, Jenn Scalia, is a visibility strategist and online business coach. She helps new and emerging entrepreneurs with the mindset and marketing to be authentically visible in business. Find out her smart strategies in our talk today.

In this episode you will…

  • Discover the difference between social media and marketing for a personal brand versus a business

  • Hear Jenn’s ‘Coming to Jesus Moment’ that led to her mindset shift

  • Gain tools to help grow your business and go all in

  • Understand how to find the right business coach

  • Learn how to scale

  • Find out new ways to prepare for a launch


“The very first thing that needed to happen was this huge mindset shift that it wasn’t about me, it was about the people I needed to serve, about this bigger vision that I had for myself, my family and what I wanted to do in the world.” Jenn Scalia

“I let go of this ego I had, that it was all about me, what would people think about me...that’s the shift I had to make and once I started shifting into these people need me and my help, I started to get inspired.” Jenn Scalia

“I really had to reflect on what’s going on here and ‘are you really committed to this?’ I decided to actually go all in, even though I had previously thought I was going all in, but I really had to evaluate what I was actually doing on a daily basis to really make this work.” Jenn Scalia

“I think the mindset is kind of a big word and a buzz word, especially now in an entrepreneur space, but it’s so important. What it meant for me was a belief, it was a total belief in myself, that I could do it  that I was worthy charging higher prices, making more money and also that I would know what to do with the money when I got it.” Jenn Scalia

“The experience of a group coaching, a lot of times is more impactful than one-on-one.” Jenn Scalia

“Finding the right team is crucial to be able to pick up those pieces as far as the back end stuff, the logistics, payments, failed payments, customer service, all that stuff you can’t do it by yourself.” Jenn Scalia

“Everything I do has to be complete, 100% inspired, the offers I come out with, when I launch them how I launch them, it has to feel good for me.” Jenn Scalia

“At the beginning of the year I kind of know what I want to launch, approximate dates I want to launch but I’m always open to things shifting and changing, and doing things a different way.” Jenn Scalia

“When I trust myself and when I just do things that feel really inspired, that’s when I get the best results, that’s when I get the most people signing up for my stuff.” Jenn Scalia

“Get the right mindset and the right mentor and you can accomplish anything.” Jenn Scalia

“I get really good response rates emails when I’m in the moment, and when I’m energetically aligned with the message that’s being sent.” Jenn Scalia

This year’s summit is all about creating a profitable business in the digital age. We’re covering everything from the building an email funnel that converts, writing copy for your digital outlets that converts, how to streamline your content and what systems to use so you can create more of it, how to refurbish your content and more. All of this is so you can create a profitable business. Some of the speakers include Ashlyn Carter from Ashlyn Writes, Abigail and Emylee from Think Creative Collective, Maya Elious and others!

Two full days with a welcome kick off on Wednesday evening to get us started and a Friday closing celebration. We’re also offering a VIP ticket option this year where you get exclusive interaction with some of the speakers, coached by the speakers as part of the 4-week accelerator post the summit!

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