SDH 246: Understand the Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster with Ali Boone

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Are you riding the exciting and terrifying roller coaster of entrepreneurship? Do you have end goals you want to achieve? Maybe you wonder what cash flow mindset is right for you?

Today’s guest, Ali Boone, is the founder of Hipster Investments where she buffers real estate investments and matches buyers and sellers. She also writes for a real estate investment website. Did I mention she started off as an aerospace engineer with a master's degree in spiritual psychology?

In this episode you will:

  • Value time and figure out when to give work to someone else

  • Discover Ali’s Cash flow mindset

  • Know the dangers of an end goal mentality

  • Discover how experiments with your mind  take away stress

  • Understand the importance of the entrepreneur roller coaster

  • Hear the value of having a mentor



“From the cash flow perspective, I kind of still have that same mentality of I only look at the day to day, like what can I be doing today to help me tomorrow. If I look anywhere past today, I’ll end up stressed out to a point where I become dysfunctional.” Ali Boone

“I’ve had 173 business ideas and only one of them worked. And with this one,  the difference between that one and every other one that I said, is with those I already started with the end goals.” Ali Boone

“I don’t know how much money I am making this month or next month but all I can do is the absolute best I can do now and then evaluate later.” Ali Boone

“If you’re going to go the entrepreneur route, you will be tested.” Ali Boone

“We can observe our minds, we can watch ourselves, we can see what’s happening but there's also the times when our human psyche kicks in and it’s full blown panic. Even if I know what’s happening I can’t stop this, in those moments I think it’s so important to have somebody to bring you off a cliff.” Ali Boone

“I hear so many people who have a trade or a technical skill, or something and they want to make a business out of it and they don’t realize that being a business owner is a completely different skill set and task set than the technical thing they are providing.” Ali Boone


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