SDH 241: Don't Let Fear Get in the Way of Living Big Dreams with Amanda Franz

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You have a passion. Maybe it started as a side hustle and leaped into a full-time gig. You may have had fears taking the leap and you probably have just as many fears continuing your journey, staying true to your passion. How do I stay organized? What do I need to know about digital and how people find my business online? Where do I look to stay inspired? How can my business and I be 'big'?

Today’s guest, Amanda Franz, addresses these fears. Amanda is the founder, creative director and owner of Wide Eyes Paper Co. Boutique, a stationery, brand, and design studio that she started in 2012. It specializes in custom wedding stationery, offering a variety of printing methods and innovation that separates Wide Eyes Paper Co in a saturated market.

In this episode you will…

  • Learn how to stand out in the digital world

  • Acquire systems that keep the creative brain focused

  • Understand why passion and success coexist

  • See the importance of community

  • Know what managing inventory and cash flow with a product-based business looks like

  • Hear milestone moments in business


“I really believe in sticking with what you’re good at, hiring people and outsourcing to do the rest. I strongly believe in collaboration and that’s how I run my business, especially when working with clients. I can’t stress it enough to them that I really want it to be a collaborative experience so we’re creating something together.” Amanda Franz

“I love being creative, but I also learned that I love being a businesswoman. I love numbers. I have a CPA, that’s one of the biggest things I’d recommend. It’s not a waste of money. It’s such a great investment.”  Amanda Franz

“I feel like I have more control over my business when I understand money in and money out and that concept.”  Amanda Franz

“I strategically think through ‘what’s going to be most important today?’ and lately, I’ve just not over-extended myself. Sometimes I try to do too much in one day and then I end up feeling drained and not as productive. I’m trying to tell myself, ‘hey, it’s OK that you only did these things today; that’s enough. And you also want to have space for the other amazing things in your life.”  Amanda Franz

“Being an entrepreneur is one of the most lonely and isolating places to be. You’re not plugged into any community right away when you own a business. You have to put yourself out there constantly and find the people that you connect with.”  Amanda Franz

“Passion and success coexist. If you have passion the success will eventually come. I am an example of it.”  Amanda Franz

“You just start with what you know and what you love doing and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks...I think fear holds people back.”  Amanda Franz

“My new mantra is, be courageous, try something new, what’s the worst that can happen?”  Amanda Franz

“My biggest lesson is to keep going, find new ways to be inspired; it doesn’t need to be directly in your field. Go outside. Do something different.”  Amanda Franz

“I’m sick of letting fear get in the way because I don’t want to live small. I want to show up in, whatever that looks like, and that means fighting for yourself everyday. DO the things that scare you.”  Amanda Franz

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