SDH 242: How to Keep it Simple When You Make the Leap with Natalie Ellis

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    Are you looking to build a community around your brand or product? Are you curious about creating a marketing strategy that you can monetize? Where do you even look to gain conversions online and what are the important factors to remember for its success?

    Today’s lady boss is the CEO of Boss Babe. Boss Babe is a lifestyle brand that brings together a community of ambitious millennial business-minded women and teaches them how to take responsibility for their lives by putting their happiness first. Even before Boss Babe, Natalie's entrepreneurial journey already began. She founded her first company, Oh My Glow, at age 21 knowing that she would not find fulfillment in a corporation.

    In this episode you will:

    • Know the importance of keeping it simple during your first leap

    • See why listening to your community’s feedback is important

    • Uncover the importance of consistency and transparency online for your brand or business

    • Find out what’s a huge converter for Boss Babe

    • Hear how content converts differently on different social platforms

    • Acquire advice for managing books


    “I quickly realized being a female entrepreneur, just being an entrepreneur in generally can be the most lonely journey. It’s so terrifying you’re responsible for so much.” Natalie Ellis

    “I would first make sure that your income stream is solid before you take any kind of leap because the worst mindset you can be in is panic mode and that is not going to grow your business.” Natalie Ellis

    “If you can cut down your hours of working elsewhere do it. Don’t be chasing the money here, chase the main goal.” Natalie Ellis

    “Even if you want to offer a ton of products or a ton of services, start with one and do that one thing really well and start to grow it from there.” Natalie Ellis

    “When you let yourself burn out because you’re trying so hard often you get to a point where you feel like there’s no return and I feel like that’s such a huge issue in those first 18 months.” Natalie Ellis

    “I made sure I never compromised our long-term success for those short-term games and that was really hard in the beginning. Because taking on a new project, you’re always super excited to dive in head first.” Natalie Ellis

    “We combine Pinterest and Instagram to drive leads to our email list and we do most things via email. I find that to be a huge converter.” Natalie Ellis

    “Our content has the ability to go viral if it’s in the right hands.” Natalie Ellis

    “Don’t use the same content on each platform, maybe pick two or three platforms and drive them to one key place.” Natalie Ellis

    “You need to know your money. You need to know what you can and can’t claim for because this is more money for you and your business. So I would get super clear on that and if you aren’t sure have a meeting with an accountant.” Natalie Ellis

    “If you don’t live intentionally, how can you get so much done? How can you achieve your goals? How can you know what you’re working towards? Natalie Ellis


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