SDH 247: How to Unleash Your Unstoppable Success Mindset with Mandy Gibbons


Do you ever feel like something is holding you back from getting what you want? Do you struggle to find alignment in your personal and professional life? Are you afraid of digging deep and transforming?

Today’s guest, Mandy Gibbons, is a mind and transformation coach for soul driven 6 and 7 figure influencers, visionary leaders, and changemakers ready for liberation. Not only does she help her clients solve some of these questions, but she has also overcome them on her own inspiring journey.

In this episode you will…

  • Uncover why Mandy is a Hell Yes Liberator

  • Know the power of manifestation

  • Hear why you should set an alarm to check your energy

  • Understand why alignment is important for yourself and business

  • See new ways to implement learning

  • Discover how to deal with what’s holding you back


“Any area where you find you’re having any struggles, to be able to have abundance and to feel incredible in all those areas means you're going to be a lot more successful, feel incredible and have a lot more holistic approach to business.” Mandy Gibbons

“The really soul aligned seven figure and seven figure plus earners just know themselves. They’re not afraid to transform internally in a really massive way.” Mandy Gibbons

“When you don’t feel right with what you’re doing, when you don’t feel alignment with what you’re doing, it causes havoc.” Mandy Gibbons

“If you’re telling yourself you don’t have anything holding you back, you’re in denial.” Mandy Gibbons

“Whatever it is that you want, you need to step into it right freaking now. Get very clear on where you want to be how you want to be feeling right now, think about you already being in that place and live it, breathe it every single day.” Mandy Gibbons

“We can convince ourselves of whatever we want to. If we choose to.” Mandy Gibbons

“I tap into people’s energy who are operating at a higher level frequency than I am, whether it’s their videos or their training, I sit there and download so much awesomeness from them. Whatever they’ve learned I just take it all in and absorb it.” Mandy Gibbons

“Anything new that I learn...I’ll usually implement it for a good month and then I’ll go ‘OK then, how do I times this by 100 and accelerate the process for myself and for my clients?” Mandy Gibbons

“When you are very much in alignment with your soul, what you want, and the direction you want to go in, everything falls into place when you’re operating at a frequency that you feel incredible about...if you tap into that then you know that you’re making the right decisions because you know what’s in alignment with you and you know what’s not. It’s as simple as that. If it doesn’t feel good, if it doesn't feel like it’s in alignment then you just don’t do it. On to the next thing.” Mandy Gibbons


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