SDH 256: Build Something You Believe In with Ariel Kaye

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Ready to ditch your 9-5 and build your service based business using your very own skill set?

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    Are you ready to build something you believe in? Was there a point in your corporate career when you knew you had to take the leap? Are you at that point now? You know it’s going to be an emotional journey, a tough transition, but you also know it’s what you need to make a bigger impact and fulfill your purpose.

    You’re not alone, lady boss.

    Today’s guest— Ariel Kaye—is the Founder and CEO of Parachute, a home essential brand based in Venice beach. Tune in to hear how she went from brand development and advertising in New York to fulfill consumers’ needs for high-quality bedding and a good night’s sleep with Parachute.


    In this episode you will...

    • Discover the qualities of a successful brand

    • Know why understanding and growing with your consumer is key

    • Hear about the first three months after the leap

    • Understand the benefits of investing in a publicist

    • Learn about raising capital

    • Dive into three actionable items for new business owners



    “You gotta put it all on the table because no one else is.” Ariel Kaye

    “It’s important to follow your gut because the business is coming from you; so there’s going to be things that you know best.” Ariel Kaye

    “Being positive, solution-minded and focusing on the big picture, is going to be helpful in order to move forward.” Ariel Kaye



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