SDH 254: How to Keep Your Business Simple with Summer Felix

SDH254_Summer Felix.png

What should you do in the early stages of your business to have successful growth? How much should you be launching? When should you outsource?

Today’s guest, Summer Felix, is the Founder of Draw Shop and shares her experience answering these questions as she built her business nine years ago. Draw Shop offers full-service animation videos ranging from motion stop to VR, and are known for their stellar whiteboard animation videos.

In this episode you will...

  • Dive into the early days of building a business

  • Understand the positives of launching often during the start of your business

  • See why keeping it simple works for your audience

  • Discover why scheduling and sticking to it helps you stay accountable to important tasks

  • Learn why trusting people to outsource is beneficial

  • Hear about segmenting and connecting with an audience


“You never stop learning and you never stop improving your processes.” Summer Felix

“I’ve never had something really good come from judging somebody else, but I’ve always had something good when I seek to understand.” Summer Felix

“We have expectations of something but it doesn’t always add up to exactly what you think it’s going to be, it might be something different and that’s OK.” Summer Felix



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