SDH 262: The Importance of the Journey on the Way to Achievement with Lori Harder

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    Have you felt like throwing in the towel lately? Well, entrepreneurship is a journey and most journeys have roadblocks, bumps, stops and gos. But what do you tap into when you face these challenges on the way to what you know you're able to achieve?

    Today’s guest, Lori Harder, has faced challenges in her career as a leading expert in fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love—but that didn’t stop her from growing two multi-million dollar businesses as an entrepreneur and networking marketing professional.

    So what’s stopping you?


    • Identify where to tap into when you feel like throwing in the towel

    • Why we need to demystify what the journey appears to be

    • Understand why entrepreneurs, especially, need a tribe

    • Discover where energy comes from and how to uplift it as an entrepreneur

    • Recognize why you should be grateful for your rock bottom

    • Hear examples of abundance mindset moments can change your life



    “What we see now on social media and what we think the journey is supposed to look and feel like, completely different than what the journey actually is.” Lori Harder

    “If we’re not actually trying to make the connections and relationships while making sure we are doing the things that are fulfilling to us; you exhaust yourself, because we’re not meant to do it on our own.” Lori Harder

    “Instead of saying ‘that’s too expensive’ I’d say, ‘how can I get bigger than this problem.” Lori Harder

    “For real, we can do anything that we want and the only limit is us.” Lori Harder




    A Tribe Called Bliss” by Lori Harder

    Lori’s Website



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